‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Creates Anti-Bullying Day Camp For Youth – LGBTQ and Allies Welcome

I Am Jazz spoilers show Jazz Jennings creates an anti-bullying day camp for youth. She plans for this camp to be a place where LGBTQ youth and their peers can come together. Jazz Jennings says she knows all about being bullied. So, she can relate to kids who are dealing with the same issue. However, her hopes is to teach youth how to have confidence and not care what others think. Tonight’s episode on TLC shows more on the “Jazz Hands Camp”.

I Am Jazz: Jennings Encourages Kids To Be Themselves

Jazz Jennings says she enjoys being able to talk to LGBTQ youth on various topics. Given her public status she has been able to reach out to young children and offer advice. She attended numerous social events where she talks about her her personal experiences being transgender. The Florida teen has been a part of the transgender community for a very long time. However, she wants to be able to also help children who aren’t transgender.

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal Jazz believes it is very important for kids to be taught to be themselves and not care so much what others think. She realizes that the experiences that children go through at a young age influence their development. The transgender teen wants to be able to teach kids these lessons “before they face these hardships”.

Jazz Jennings Wants to Work in Youth Advocacy

Jeanette Jennings has always been her daughter’s biggest supporter on the TLC show and in life. She loves how her daughter is working to be an advocate for youth. The transgender teen has been through a lot in life. So, her mom thinks she can share with younger kids that may be going through the same things she did. Jazz Jennings’s mom sees her daughter as paving the way for future transgender youth.

I Am Jazz spoilers show Jeanette believes that this anti-bullying camp will be a great way for her daughter to expand her advocacy efforts. The transgender teenager knows a lot about what it feels like to be bullied. So, it is perfect venue for her to talk to kids about the subject as she can relate to them.

Anti-Bullying Day Camp Allows Youth To Escape

I Am Jazz spoilers report Jeanette asking Jazz Jennings “what are you going to do?” The Florida teen doesn’t want to create a support group. Because she doesn’t think that is enough. So, she wants to create an escape for kids. It will be a full day of fun activities. She adds it’s “a day where these kids can come together”. That’s the goal of the Jazz Hands Camp.

The transgender role model doesn’t want her anti-bullying day camp to just be for youth in the LGBTQ community though. She wants it to be a day where LGBTQ allies and peers are welcomed. A camp where everyone feels like they belong and everyone can come together.

Find out if the camp is a success on a new episode this week on TLC.

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