‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Confronts Boyfriend’s Transphobic Mom – Shocking Information on Ahmir Revealed

I Am Jazz spoilers say Jazz Jennings confronts her boyfriend’s transphobic mom. Jazz is in New York to see Dr Jess Ting about future surgeries. While in town, she wants to meet Ahmir Steward’s mom. However, his mom doesn’t want to meet the transgender teen.

Instead, they speak on the phone. Jazz Jennings hopes to change the mind of Ahmir’s mom about her. During their conversation, Ahmir’s mother reveals some interesting information about her son. Will this information ruin their relationship?

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Admits Transphobic Mom Is A Deal Breaker

Jazz Jennings finding out her boyfriend’s mom is not accepting of their relationship is not ideal. She admits it could be a problem. However, she welcomes talking to his mom about their situation. Jazz hopes she can change his mom’s mind. On the other hand, Ahmir Steward thinks it is a bad idea. He knows how his mom is. There is no changing her mind.

I Am Jazz spoilers indicate the transgender teen tells Ahmir that she wants to meet his mom. It is the perfect time to do it since she will be in New York, which is close to Philadelphia. Ahmir Steward’s mother doesn’t agree to meet her. However, she does agree to a phone call. Something is better than nothing.

Ahmir Steward Not Being Truthful?

Jazz’s conversation with Ahmir’s mom doesn’t go the way she hopped. This was her chance to change the way his mom thinks about her. Also, to realign his mom’s opinion about their relationship. However, it seems like his mother is not open to changing her mind.

I Am Jazz spoilers show Jazz Jennings asking Ahmir’s mom what her problem is. She wants to be able to understand where his mom is coming from. It bothers her that his parent misgenders her and still looks at her as a boy. So then, the transgender teen gets some info she did not expect.


Shocking Information Revealed on Ahmir Steward

Ahmir said many times that it didn’t bother him that Jazz Jennings is transgender. He saw her as the woman that she is. However, he may not be telling the truth. Ahmir could be hiding some shocking information from his girlfriend. During the call with Mrs Steward, she says her son was against the idea of being gay, lesbian or trans. There is a chance that this could be how Ahmir felt in the past.

Spoilers reveal that Ahmir Steward was not telling the Florida teen the truth. His mother reveals some shocking facts about her son. Then, Jazz Jennings questions his mom asking, “what is the truth?”. However, she doesn’t get an answer. Then, her conversation with his mom is cut short. Ahmir takes the phone away from her and hangs up on his mom. Next, he rushes out of the hotel room. The youngest Jennings daughter chases after him to find out more.

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