‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Chooses Harvard – College Decision Features in Season 6

I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings is heading to Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She will be a full-time student studying at the prestigious ivy league college. When bottom surgery became a reality, the transgender teen wasn’t sure if college was going to be a part of the plan so soon. However, everything seems to be going well after surgery. She is ready for the next step in her life. With college now in picture, Jazz got acceptance letters from two schools. Harvard and Pomona College. In the end, the Massachusetts institute was the chosen one.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Is Going To Harvard

Jazz Jennings is about to embark on the next chapter of her educational journey. In an announcement video, she states that she was shocked when she found out she got accepted to Harvard. She states “because it’s such a selective school with such a small acceptance rate.” However, she is “so grateful to have this opportunity to attend an institution that is so incredible and well-renowned.”

The I Am Jazz reality lead reveals on social media that she will be attending Harvard. She posted a picture of herself wearing the Cambridge university sweatshirt. The caption included the hashtag #Harvard2023. Jazz will be studying philosophy, religion and gender. However, she admits she’s not too sure what she’ll major in and will “figure it out as I go along”.

TLC Star Thanks Family and Fans For Support And Love

Jazz Jennings thanks her “incredible family for your unconditional love and support.” She admits that “none of this would be possible without all of you.”  The Jennings have been there for the transgender adolescence at every step of the way. The Jennings have been there for her through the good times and the bad. Therefore, their thoughts and opinions are very important when it comes to the conclusion she makes.

The I Am Jazz TLC alum also shows gratitude towards her fans for their continued support. She appreciates all the viewers who continue to follow her journey, whether it be online or by watching the show. Jazz will continue to share everything with her followers. Many viewers congratulate her. Wishing her good luck on her next endeavor.

Season 6 Covers Decision Making Process

Jazz Jennings had to choose between two schools. Making this decision couldn’t have been easy. Picking which faculty to attend is a big deal. You want to pick which institution is the best fit for you and your future. A lot of thought gets put into making a choice like this. The Ivy League university must have had more pros than cons.

The I Am Jazz alum reveals in an announcement clip that how she came to this outcome is all documented on season six of their show. So, she lets viewers know that they will see how everything went down. There has not been any announcements yet as to when it will air. However, with so much going on in Jazz’s life it will surly be a season of many changes.

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