‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Surgery Complication ‘Wasn’t Very Pretty’ Says Jazz Jennings

I Am Jazz spoilers shows Jazz Jennings taking her final step towards finishing her transition with her whole family there for support. In the new episode, it is surgery day. She heads to the hospital and prepares to go under the knife. Everyone is there that supported her transition.

The one part that reminds her that she was born a boy is now being removed. Jazz can finally be the girl she always knew she was. However, it wasn’t an easy ride for Jazz. After the procedure, there was a complication and ultimately, the reality personality needed a follow-up procedure.

I Am Jazz spoilers: Jazz Jennings Speechless Before Surgery

Surgery day is here for the reality and YouTube star. The most anticipated episode of the season proves to be an emotional one. Jazz Jennings has done her part by doing everything her doctors told her to do. Now everything is in the hands of the doctors. Her doctors have expressed that the bottom surgery will not be easy. However, she is ready to get the SRS procedure done.

In the I Am Jazz spoiler, she admits that “there are no words to describe how incredible this moment is.” She feels like she has been envisioning this day her entire life and it is finally here. It is all very surreal for her that all of this is occurring in the moment. She says she was never really sure would ever happen, but always wished it would. For her it is simply a dream come true.

Jeanette Jennings Says Goodbye To Baby Boy

Before the bottom surgery, the I Am Jazz star’s mother, Jeanette Jennings, gets very tearful. A part of Jeanette is sad. She gave birth to a boy and now the last reminder of that is being removed. She admits that it is a bit strange to her.

That baby boy she gave birth to is now becoming a daughter. The part of Jazz Jennings that says she is a boy will no longer be there. It’s as if Jeanette never had a baby boy. Nonetheless, she’s excited for her daughter to achieve her dream.

Despite being a little sad, Jeanette is very supportive of her daughter’s decision. She is thrilled for her daughter because she knows how much Jazz wants this. She can see how happy her daughter is knowing that this part of her that has been holding her back will no longer be an issue. Jeanette admits that the situation is overwhelming. However, she doesn’t want her daughter to see her get all teary.

Jazz Experiences Major Hiccup After Bottom Surgery

The I Am Jazz star knew that she was a complicated case. She was aware that the bottom surgery was going to be complex and that the doctors weren’t sure how they would proceed. Since she was a “suppressed youth” doctors didn’t have as much biological material to work with as they would prefer.

Doctors couldn’t go the traditional route – so it is an experimental surgery. The medical team warned she could experience some issues post-operation.

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal Jazz Jennings admits that she experienced a major hiccup with her surgery. She states that “it wasn’t very pretty”. It was a rough time having to deal with the aftermath. However, she wants to be honest about the complication because it is true to her journey.

She doesn’t want to cover it up and make it seem like everything was perfect. The aftermath was that Jazz Jennings had to have a follow-up surgery but it was just a cosmetic touch-up she revealed in an interview. Be sure to watch TLC tonight for this touching episode.

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