‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Meets With Former Fling Victoria – Ready For Love?

I Am Jazz spoilers say Jazz Jennings meets up with former fling Victoria Contasta soon. In the previous season, a friend of Jazz set her up on a date with Victoria. After the successful outing and a few hangouts, she admitted that there was chemistry between the two. However, they haven’t seen much of each other since. They have only been communicating through text messages. In the sneak peak, Jazz sees Victoria again. So will there still be sparks between them?

I Am Jazz – Wonders If The Chemistry with Victoria Contasta is Real

The teen admits that her first date with Victoria Contasta was great. She felt like she could be herself around her. Victoria Contasta identifies as pansexual. Therefore, Jazz Jennings being transgender did not bother her. The two saw each other again after their first date. They spent the day at the beach together and seemed to be getting along great. Jazz Jennings seemed ready to let someone into her life.

Despite having a great time together and being interested in one another, Jazz and Victoria didn’t hang out much after that. However, they kept in touch and communicated a lot through text. On this episode, she meets up with Victoria once again. She wants to see whether Victoria is still interested in her – and wonders if Victoria has been dating anyone else.

Open To Finding Love – But Is Jazz Jennings Ready?

Jazz Jennings says that she wants to fall in love. However, she is not in a rush to get into a relationship. She admits that she is not going to let herself go for just anyone. The teenager star explains that she wants to find someone who is right for her the first time. She doesn’t want to have to date a lot of people to find the one.

The young TLC star has always made it known that she is ready to find someone for her. However, there seems to always be something that prevents her from getting into a relationship. In the upcoming episode, she blames the fact that she can’t meet new people. Feeling like she is stuck in her house stops her from being ready to put herself out there.

Jeanette Jennings thinks Jazz isn’t being honest. She knows there is more that her daughter is not telling her. In the up coming episode, she pushes her daughter to confess the real reason why she is holding back. Out of frustration, Jazz reveals that the fact that she still has male body parts is the real reason why she is not putting herself out there.

She doesn’t feel comfortable with her body. Therefore, she isn’t pursuing a relationship and love. To see what happens with Jazz Jennings’ quest for romance, watch new episodes Tuesday nights on TLC.

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