‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Scary Post-Surgery ‘Pop’ – Second Operation Needed ASAP

I Am Jazz spoilers say that Jazz Jennings experiences a dangerous “pop” after her gender confirmation surgery. Doctors are able to intervene before anything gets worse. Her bottom surgery seemed to be going well and she was released from the hospital to recover at a nearby hotel.

However, after experiencing some discomfort, doctors wanted Jazz back in the hospital. The complication seemed to escalate when doctors put her up on the exam table and heard a big pop. So, spoilers say Jazz faces another huge operation to repair this complication.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Back to the Operating Room for Jazz Jennings

The YouTube and reality star’s recovery was seemingly going well. She was let out of the hospital after a few days. However, when her family left, she started to feel some pain. Jazz admits she was feeling fine as her recovery started. Only days later, she became concerned when things started to not look the same as it did post-op. She had a feeling that something just wasn’t right.

Dr. Jess Ting told Jazz Jennings to go back to the hospital for an examination. While there, she was told she needed a follow-up procedure to make sure everything is fixed. In the spoiler, she heads back into the surgery room. Her mom Jeanette Jennings just hopes everything is going to be all right.

Dr. Jess Ting To The Rescue

The spoilers indicate that Dr. Ting recommends Jazz Jennings should go back to the hospital. He had examined her at the hotel and admits that it wasn’t looking good. Then again, Dr. Ting knew she would be a difficult case. The docs warned the Jennings family that even though her bottom surgery was a success, post-op complications were likely.

In the I Am Jazz spoilers, the doc lets Jeanette Jennings know that when they put her up on the bed, something popped. Then, when he examines her, he notices that “the whole thing just split open”. He admits that if the pop didn’t happen today, it could have happened at the hotel. So, the doctor was able to intervene, make sure nothing got worse, and repair the damage.

Jeanette Jennings In Disbelief

I Am Jazz. spoilers reveal that Jeanette is alone at the hospital while this is all happens. Her other daughter Ari Jennings is there with her while Jazz is in the OR. They both try to stay strong for her. Jeannette doesn’t want her daughter to see her crying.

However, she does break down when the doctors take Jazz Jennings back into the OR. Jazz reveals that she is scared. She is afraid of the possibilities of what can happen. This second surgery can be a setback when it comes to recovery time.

Second Surgery Crisis

In the TLC I Am Jazz spoilers promo, Jeanette breaks down and starts to cry. She says her daughter does not deserve this. She knows he daughter has been through so much to get to this point. Jeanette believes that this is not the way it’s suppose to be. She doesn’t want to see her daughter suffer anymore. Jeanette has stuck by her daughter’s side from the very beginning.

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