‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Invites Ex-Boyfriend Ahmir to Hospital before Surgery

I Am Jazz teaser reveals that Jazz Jennings invites her ex-boyfriend Ahmir Steward to the hospital. While Jazz is in New York City for her third surgery, she hopes that Ahmir will show up before she goes into the operating room. Getting surgery is never easy to deal with. Luckily she does have the support of her family. But, it seems like she also wants to have her former lover by her side as well. Ahmir does show up at the hospital. But, will he be the supportive friend she needs during this difficult time?

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I Am Jazz Recap: Jazz Jennings Falls in Love

Jazz Jennings quickly fell in love with her love interest, Ahmir Steward. She was happy to find someone who accepted her for who she is. The Florida native said that she and Ahmir had a great connection. Greg and Jeanette Jennings were able to accept their relationship. Once they saw how happy their daughter was. However, not everyone was on board with the two being a couple.

The I Am Jazz celeb had a hard time getting Ahmir Steward’s mom to accept her. His mom didn’t approve of their relationship. Since she didn’t like that her son was dating someone who is transgender. Jazz Jennings did end up confronting Mrs. Steward. But, it didn’t seem like anyone was going to change her mind.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings - Ahmir Steward

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Ahmir Steward and TLC Celeb No Longer Together

Ahmir Steward and Jazz Jennings dealt with a lot of ups and downs during their relationship. Jeanette and Greg initially had a few concerns. Since Ahmir was their daughter’s first boyfriend. But, the Florida teen was happy when she was with him. But, it was hard for her knowing that his mom would probably never like her.

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I Am Jazz sneak peek indicates that Jazz Jennings and Ahmir Steward are no longer a couple. In the teaser, she says that “Ahmir and I are not together anymore.” The transgender teen is dealing with another procedure, graduating high school and picking a college to attend. Being single gives her the opportunity to focus on herself. Yet, it seems like the two haven’t said goodbye to each other for good.

Reality Star Wants Support From Ex-Boyfriend

Jazz Jennings goes back to the Big Apple to undergo her third procedure. Her former boyfriend Ahmir Steward doesn’t live too far from the city. As seen in the last season, Ahmir came to visit his then-girlfriend when she got her bottom surgery done. The two may no longer be a couple. But, it seems like the LGBTQ advocate still wants him by her side.

In the trailer of the new season of I Am Jazz, Ahmir Steward is seen visiting Jazz Jennings in the hospital. She says that she invited Ahmir because she “wanted his support as a friend.” She seems to be glad that he came. But, the same can’t be said about Ahmir. The youngest Jennings asks him “are you happy you came?” Ahmir says “let’s just get through the day and see what happens.” Jeanette Jennings doesn’t look too thrilled about his answer. Hopefully, her surgery goes better than that conversation did.

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