‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Heads into Surgery – Parents Hope for No Bad News

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Jazz Jennings is heading into her third surgery. Jazz may be ready to get this surgery done. But, her parents, Jeanette Jennings and Greg Jennings are having a hard time going through the whole process for the third time. As for her doctors, Dr. Marci Bowers and Dr. Jess Ting, they are making sure to take extra precautions to avoid another complication. Hopefully, this will be the last surgery.

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I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings and Family Back at Hospital

Since getting gender confirmation surgery, Jazz Jennings has been dealing with a lot of complications. She has already had two previous surgeries. Now she is preparing to go through another one. Luckily for the transgender teen, she has her family’s support. They have been there for her during the surgeries, complications and recovery. The Jennings head back to New York for Jazz to have her third and hopefully final bottom surgery.

I Am Jazz previews explain that Jazz Jennings and her family are back at a familiar place. The same hospital the Florida resident had her previous two surgeries at. While entering the hospital, Jeanette Jennings feels a little “flashbacky to when this happened before.” Although, Jeanette is trying to be positive. As for Jazz, she is “ready to go.”

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TLC Star’s Doctors Plan to Be Cautious

Before Jazz Jennings heads to the operating room, she gets a visit from both of her doctors. Dr. Marci Bowers is aware that there is a chance for another complication. However, Dr. Marci Bowers says that she is “confident, but I’m also very cautious.” She plans on taking extra precautions. As for Dr. Jess Ting, he notices Jazz’s optimistic attitude this time around.

The I Am Jazz sneak peek show Jazz Jennings walking herself to the operating room. The last two times she was wheeled to the room. She says that “it’s a little different than the last time.” The LGBTQ advocate is seen hugging her parents and brother as she leaves them for surgery. It may not be the first time Jeanette and her spouse Greg Jennings were in this situation. But, it seems to never get easier for them.

I Am Jazz Parents Hope for Best Outcome

Greg and his wife Jeanette Jennings have been through a lot raising a transgender child. The journey to where they are now was not easy. They had to do a lot to make sure their transgender daughter always felt comfortable in her own skin. Greg and Jeanette hoped that the bottom surgery would be the last. But, that wasn’t the case. This time around, Jeanette and Greg are hoping for no bad news.

I Am Jazz teasers indicate that Jeanette and her husband Greg Jennings worry about their youngest child as she heads into the OR. Greg says that he is “hoping for a non-eventful positive surgery” and that the doctors “say everything went exactly as planned.” Jeanette Jennings just wants her daughter to have her “happily ever after.” Find out if this is the last surgery during the season premiere tonight at 9 pm on TLC.

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