‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Casey King Pushed By New Trainer Dexter – Dizzy In Gym, But Not Giving Up

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal Casey King pushed hard by his new trainer Dexter. He starts to feel dizzy in the gym, but is not ready to give up. It has taken him some time to take his weight loss seriously.

However, there has been a change in Casey’s attitude on new episodes. Seems like he is ready to push through and do what he has to do to lose the weight. Will Casey push himself too hard? Dexter seems ready to get him in shape.

Family By The Ton: Casey King Hires Personal Trainer Dexter

In the beginning of the season, Casey didn’t do much to further his weight loss. He continued to eat poorly and play video games all day. With help from his mom, he is trying his best to stick to a diet and an exercise regime.  According to his mother, he plays less video games now and is more active. She makes sure that her son goes for a swim as often as he can.

In the Family By The Ton spoilers video, Casey King meets with a new personal trainer for the first time in his life. He acknowledges that he won’t be able to lose the pounds on his own. Casey admits that it is the first time he has gone to the gym in a very long time. He is going to need a little help in the gym. Dexter seems eager to help.

Dexter, The Personal Trainer – Ready to Help Save Casey’s Life

Family By The Ton spoilers introduce Dexter, a personal trainer, who admits he has never trained someone like Casey King before. He doesn’t know what he is in for. Dexter says that he “can’t really judge a book by it’s cover”. They can only do the best they can with whatever energy he has. His trainer wants Casey to realize how much he has already accomplished and how much he can accomplish further.

Family By The Ton spoilers show that during his first workout, he starts to get lightheaded. The only exercise he got was from swimming. Casey King admits that when he is swimming he feels great because he doesn’t have to carry his own body weight as much. He takes a short break to get his breath back. However, he is not prepared to give up and continues his workout. Dexter seems very understanding and prepared to help out any way that he can.

Family by the Ton: Casey King

Admits Show Made Him Look Bad

The Family By The Ton star admits that he doesn’t like how he acted on the show. Today, Casey King took to social media to let fans know that he is aware that he comes off like a jerk. He doesn’t seem afraid to call himself out. However, he doesn’t care about how he looks on the show. He only cares about the positive changes that he made in his life while filming.

In the tweet above, you can see that Casey King jokes that tonight’s episode is one that finally “doesn’t make me look like an a**hole” than added “yay me”. This week’s episode shows a different side of Casey. He admits tonight’s shows reveals a side of him that hasn’t been seen yet. Before this episode, he admits he cried a lot and treated people poorly. He is really trying to make a change in his life. Be sure to follow Casey’s journey on the new season on TLC.

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