Family By The Ton Spoilers: Casey King’s Doctor Worried About Weight – Thinks He’s Making Excuses

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal that Casey King‘s doctor is worried about his weight. Dr. Procter fears that his patient is not taking his weight loss seriously. Casey is over 700 pounds and must lose some weight if he wants to get his health back on track. He and his family embark on a weight loss journey. However, he is the only one who is having a hard time kick-starting the process. He is constantly blaming his parents for his weight gain and always has an excuse. Is Casey taking this weight crisis seriously?

Family By The Ton Spoilers: Casey King Still Blames His Parents

One of Casey’s issues is that he continues to point to his mom and dad for his weight problem He thinks they are the reason that he gained the weight, kept it on, and is now struggling to lose the pounds. The Family By The Ton star feels like his parents want him to eat poorly. However, he admits he loves his parents, but insists he did not get to be 700 pounds on his own. Perhaps, Casey needs to take accountability for his weight before he can start to make any changes.

The Family By The Ton case member gets angry when his parents respond with some blame and shame of their own. They tell him he got heavy sitting around playing video games. But Casey says he doesn’t feel judged when he is playing his video games online. No one on the internet he plays video games with knows how he looks in person. But to his parents, he’s indoors playing games online when he should be out getting exercise. The lack of activity aggravates his health issues.

Dr. Procter Fears For Casey’s Life

In the Family By The Ton spoiler, Casey visits with Dr. Procter. During their meeting, the doctor makes it clear that Casey must lose weight – or else. If he continues on the path he is on, it would not end well. Dr. Procter is also helping other family members of the King family lose weight.

During the visit the doctor isn’t sure if Casey King is serious about losing weight. Dr. Procter feels like he is not taking his health issues seriously. The doctor suggests weight loss surgery as a good option for him to help him lose pounds. However, Casey admits that the idea of the surgery scares him. Dr. Procter worries that being at more than 700 pounds should scare him more. The doctor thinks his only shot at losing weight may be through surgery.

Casey’s Afraid Of Leaving Comfort Zone

Casey King’s mother believes that he is having a hard time losing weight because he is afraid to leave his comfort zone. The only place that he’s comfortable is in the house, playing on video games all day (and night) and eating to excess. Casey King seems scared to do anything else and is hiding behind his online gaming profile.

He also continues to try and put his health issues off on his parents. However, if he is not willing to get out of this problem area that’s making his issues worse, he will continue on this way. Dr. Procter tries to get through to Casey King on the next episode of Family by the Ton and things look scary serious.

Can the Doctor Get Through to Casey on Family by the Ton

On Family By The Ton, getting Casey out of the video game zone means he must face his fears. First, he wants to stick to the anonymity of the internet. Second, Casey is afraid of undergoing weight loss surgery. However, surgery may be his only option. Last, he will need to get out of his room and engage is some type of physical activity.

It is never easy for someone to step outside of where they can stick to what know – – even when it’s the worst thing for them. However, when it is a life or death situation, perhaps the choice gets easier. Will Casey King put down the video game controller and take control of his health? Find out on the next episode of Family By The Ton on Wednesdays on TLC.

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