‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Casey King and Family Prepare For Final Reveal

Family By The Ton spoilers shows Casey King and his family as they prepare for their final reveal. The King family has been on a weight loss journey together. At the start of their journey the Kings weighed a combined 2,000 lbs. Over the months they endured some of the toughest times in their lives. Together they made a pack to stick together and lose the weight needed to better their health. Their journey comes to an end as they prepare for the final reveal.

Family By The Ton Spoilers: Casey King A Prisoner In His Own Home

Before trying to meet his weight goals, Casey King weighed almost 700 pounds. He was at his heaviest and knew he had to make a change. However, he realized that it wasn’t going to be easy. Casey is used to eating whatever he wants. His father got him any food that he wanted. Since he weighs so much he did not have a job and stayed home and played video games all day. All this contributed to his massive weight gain.

In the Family By The Ton spoilers, Casey King admits that his friends and family have not seen him in a long time. He hasn’t left his house for a while. Casey’s weight loss battle was difficult. He was doubtful when it came to getting the weight loss surgery. However, he is now ready to let the world see the new Casey King.

Celebration Of 2nd Chances

The King family had a lot on the line when it came to their weight loss goals. However, Amanda Johnson was faced with more than just having to lose weight. Amanda has cancer and needed to slim down in order to get treatment. For her this transformation “is a celebration of second chances.”


In more Family By The Ton spoilers, Amy Long admits that she is nervous for people to see her body. She worked out in the gym with her father. She even competed in a race. Amy is a grade school teacher. She wanted to drop the weight so she could be more active with her students. She enjoys her job and only wants to do the best that she can.

The King’s Final Reveal

The Family By The Ton stars are ready to show off their body transformation. In the season finale the King family show their family and friends their final reveal. They have stuck together through all the tough times each member went through. They started the journey together and they will end it together. Surly this isn’t the end of the King Family’s weight loss adventure.

Family By The Ton spoilers reveal Ed Barnes admits that when he looks in the mirror he sees a totally different person. Ed is a father of two daughters. He wanted to become healthier and lose  weight so he could be there to see his daughters grow up. He is also a retired firefighter. Ed admits that his weight is what caused him to retire early. Hopefully he can find peace in his new body.

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