‘Family By The Ton’: Casey King And Family Face Life or Death Weight Loss Journey In New Season

Family By The Ton this season on TLC shows that Casey King, Amanda Johnson, Ed and Amy Long all face a life or death weight loss journey. Together, they weigh more than 2,000 pounds. For these family members, it is a life or death situation. They either lose the weight and survive – or the weight could kill them. Whether it is by eating healthy and going to the gym or getting gastric bypass surgery, the King cousins embark on the journey together.

Casey King admits that his family likes to bond over food. Their gatherings always include a large amount of food. This bonding over eating contributed to the weight gain in all of his family members. The King family put the weight on together and they will lose all the weight together (they hope). Follow their weight loss trek on the new season of Family By The Ton on TLC.

Family By The Ton Premiere: Casey King’s Parents Not On The Same Page

Before he gained all this weight, Casey lived with his mother. However, his mother kicked him out because he wasn’t working and played video games all day. So he decided to move in with his father. Casey’s father did not eat healthy and always dined on fast food. His father would get him any food that he wanted. This led to extreme weight gain.

During the Family By The Ton season premiere, Casey King admits that he wakes up thinking about food. Since he is not able to work, all he does is eat and play video games. He explains that playing games gives him an escape from the real world. He feels accepted in the online world and not judged for his weight.


Amanda Johnson Must Lose Weight For Cancer Treatment

Another of the new cast of season 2 of TLC’s Family By The Ton is Amanda Johnson. She has endometrial cancer but must lose half of her weight in order to start her cancer treatment. She tips the scales at more than 650 pounds. If she doesn’t drop the weight, there is a good chance her cancer could kill her before her weight does. For Amanda, her dramatically taking off weight is crucial.

To help with her weight loss, Amanda Johnson decides to get gastric bypass surgery. She is the first one in her family to take this step. However, she must lose a large amount of weight to be approved for the surgery. In the season premiere of Family By The Ton, she is put on a liquid diet to kick-start her losing weight.

King Family Makes Pact To Lose Weight Together

Seeing Amanda Johnson start her weight loss expedition inspired the rest of the family to see they need to take their health more seriously. Casey King and his cousins, Amy and Ed, decide to join Amanda and lose weight together. Amy Long is a grade school teacher who wants to lose weight so she can be more active with her students. Ed has struggled with his weight for a long time and feels like it is time to improve his health.

As a family, they make a vow to work together to lose weight. They plan on being open and honest about their weight loss. They want to make sure they can count on each other. During the premiere of Family By The Ton, Casey King expresses the fact that he needs his family’s support. Not only does he have to change, but his surrounding need to as well.

The new season of the TLC show will also provide an update on the Anderson family from season one.

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