‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Casey King Suffers Painful Loss – Will This Be A Setback?

Family By The Ton spoilers indicate Casey King suffers a painful loss. This could be a setback for his weight loss journey. Back when these episodes were filmed, Casey shared on social media that his beloved dog Sam passed away. It is always hard when dealing with a loss in the family. Casey could find himself getting back into his old eating habits. Will this loss cause a setback as he tries to drop pounds?

Family By The Ton Spoilers: Casey King’s Major Setback

Casey and the King family have already been through a lot this season. His cousins already had their weight loss surgery done. They all took the next step in their weight loss goals. However, Casey has major fears about surgery. This anxiety stopped Casey King from moving forward with surgery. His weight loss path has been tough. However, now with the loss of his dog he could find himself dealing with a major setback.

In the Family By The Ton spoilers, Casey and his father come together after suffering a huge loss in the family. They get very emotional over the loss. Sam meant a lot to Casey. He expresses that his dog never looked at him differently because he was bigger. His dog loved him for who he was. Above all, he misses Sam a lot. All these events happened during filming in Summer 2018.

Casey King Surgery On Hold

The Family By The Ton star already has doubts when it comes to getting the weight loss surgery. He seems to have lost focus on his weight loss goals. Casey did want the surgery done in mind. He was taking the steps to make changes in his life so he can get the surgery. However, seeing his cousins deal with a lot post surgery he isn’t too sure anymore. Now with the loss of a family member the surgery may be put on hold.

Family By The Ton spoilers say that Casey reveals that it feels like he is shutting down. He is at the point that he no longer wants to have the surgery done. However, this surgery is the only way Casey King is going to be able to lose the weight he needs to for his health. Therefore, getting this surgery is what he needs to make the weight loss happen.

King Family Fears The Worst

From the very beginning the King family made a promise that they are in this weight loss adventure together. They have stuck by each other’s side through every step. By making this promise they are making sure each one of them stays on the right track. However, the recent loss may have Casey King go off track. They are starting to fear the worst.

In the Family By The Ton spoilers, Amy Long and Amanda Johnson come together to discuss their concerns. They are worried about Casey. He has been having such a hard time losing weight. It is hard for his family to know where he is at with his weight loss.

They are not even sure if he is taking it serious. They fear that he may have given up. Ed Barnes admits that “if Casey doesn’t get this surgery he’s not going to be around much longer.” Will this very personal loss set Casey King back — or will he find a way to get back on track? Find out on the next episode on TLC tonight.

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