‘Family By The Ton’ Spoilers: Casey King’s Mom Puts Him on Lockdown – No Junk Food, Video Games

Family By The Ton spoilers show Casey King moves back in with his mom. He goes to his mom’s house to get the structure he needs to help him lose weight. With his dad, there were not enough rules so he was able to do anything. Staying with his mom may be the best thing he can do to help with his weight loss.

Casey admits that staying with his mom makes him feels like he is at fat camp. She can be very strict. Casey states that sometimes his mom can be so strict with his diet that it makes him want to cheat. This is something he is not proud of. But it seems he needs a change.

Family By The Ton: Casey King Tries To Lose Weight at Mom’s Place

Casey’s weight was what got him kicked out of his mom’s house in the first place. His mom was not happy that he didn’t have a job – and it was his weight holding him back from employment.

Being extremely overweight made it hard for him to do many things. She also hated that all he did was play video games. Casey King felt like he had no choice, but to move in with his dad. However, living with his dad only made his weight gain worse.

No More Video Games!

Casey King jokes in the Family By The Ton promo saying that his family calls her a sergeant. This is hard for Casey King to deal with, since he is so used to doing whatever he wants at his dad’s house. His mother makes sure that he is eating all the right food. She also makes sure that he is walking around and exercising.

The Family By The Ton star states that he would never give up his video games. He feels like he is in his comfort zone when he is gaming because n one judges him there. But sitting around aggravates his weight gain and ultimately makes things worse on him.

Casey’s mom admits that ever since her son has been spending more time at her house he has been gaming a lot less. He didn’t even bring his game system to his mom’s house. Playing less means that he is able to do other things that get him moving instead of sitting in front of a TV playing games.

Casey King Gets Strict Diet and Exercise Regime

Living with his mom has been good for Casey King on Family By The Ton. His mom makes sure that he is sticking to his diet. There’s also no junk food or take out food. With help from his mom, Casey is able to stick to his diet. This will allow him to lose the weight that he needs to.

She’s also helping with his exercise regime. She encourages him to get up and move around. In the Family By The Ton spoiler, she encourages Casey to go for a swim in the pool. She shows him a few moves that he can do in the water to keep him moving. Casey admits that he feels great when he is in the pool.

Was moving in with his mom a good idea – – or will her strict ways lead him to call it quits? Find out on a new episode on TLC!

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