‘Family By The Ton’: Casey King Blames Weight On Father Danny King – Fans Disagree

Family By The Ton cast member Casey King blames his excessive weight on Danny King, his father. He says his father overfed him and now he weighs over 700 pounds. Casey also said he was always on the heavier side growing up. However, he also says working in restaurants and eating there didn’t help. With so many factors contributing to his weight gain, does Casey have the right to blame his father? Fans don’t seem to think so.

Family By the Ton: Casey King Says Father Overfeeds Him

The Family By The Ton star had to quit his job because his weight was making it hard for him to work. At the time Casey was only 500 pounds. His mom said to live with her, he had to have a job. But since he couldn’t get out anymore, he moved in with his father, Danny King. He felt like that was the only place he could go.

While living with his father, Casey King says his weight gain spiraled out of control. What’s more, he says his father spoiled him with all of his favorite foods. Casey admits they ate like kings. Further, they did not eat very healthy either. His father rarely told him “no” when it came to food. Since his dad would get him any food he wanted, he blames him for his weight gain.


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Danny King Tired Of Taking Care Of Heavy Son – Family by the Ton

Casey King’s father Danny takes care of him every day. Since the Family By The Ton personality is so large, Danny has to help bathe his son outside of their house in a trough. Danny has to help his son do a lot of things because of his excess weight. Casey is very dependent on his dad. So fans think he should be more grateful towards Danny rather than blaming him for everything.

Danny admits that having to do everything for his son gets old. He is tired of having to take care of his 34 year-old son. He thinks Casey King should be more active. However, Danny feels like he is obligated to help Casey because he is his son. Danny expresses that he loves his son to death. Clearly, this is a troubled family dynamic as shown on the TLC show.

Fans Don’t Think Father Is To Blame

Many fans of Family By The Ton feel bad for Danny King. These fans expressed on Reddit (see above) that they believe that he isn’t to blame for Casey’s weight gain. They feel like the son shouldn’t blame the father. Casey was already big before he moved into his father’s house. Therefore, the issue with his weight existed before the move.

Fans also state that they feel like Danny is carrying too much guilt. They believe that he shouldn’t be carrying all this guilt. Viewers think he is a great father to Casey and takes good care of him – even when he doesn’t want to. It must be hard for Danny to see his son on Family By The Ton in the state that he is in.

Fans on Reddit point out that if Casey wants to make any progress, he is “going to have to learn to take responsibility for himself” and can’t blame everything on his father. Other say if he wants to move forward and lose weight, he is going to have to realize that he is a part of the problem. Fans often refer to Casey as “entitled” which they think is hindering his weight loss.

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