‘Counting On’: Felicity Vuolo Turns Two-Months, Two-Days Old

Counting On’s Felicity Vuolo turned two-months old. Fans can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s baby Felicity Vuolo’s birth. During the wee hours of the morning on Friday (September 21), Jinger Duggar shared a photo of her to celebrate her new milestone. The photo was captioned with, “She’s 2 months already?! #timeflies?? #felicitynicolevuolo#2months2days.”

Counting On’s Felicity Vuolo in a cute head wrap

Counting On’s Jinger Duggar’s Instagram photo showed Felicity Vuolo wearing the cutest head wrap. Now of course, everyone wants one for their baby. Thanks to her followers, those who want the headband cover now know it’s called a topknot. Apart from that, Jinger’s baby wore a beautiful little black outfit with orange trimmings and pink and red flowers. Obviously bright and alert, she was content from a feed. For Jinger Duggar, maybe that meant a long time before she headed back to bed.

Interestingly, of over 1,000 comments and 125,000 likes, hardly any of them were the usual trolls. Perhaps it’s only nice people up at around 4.00 a.m. Several of the people commenting on Jinger’s post were moms themselves, sitting up in the wee hours nursing their babies. Some of them even had their babies born on the same day and commented how their little ones, like Felicity, are becoming so alert and aware and cute at two-months, two-days old. Last month, when she turned one-month old, Jinger posted up another photo. Fans can compare the Insta pictures below to see how she’s growing already.

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Baby Felicity Vuolo brings Jinger Duggar and other moms together

Jinger’s photos of the newest Counting On baby seem to bring other moms together. It’s actually quite charming to see them all commenting on their babies. They have a bond with Jinger, even in those early hours of the day. Those who had babies before the days of Instagram were saddened they’d missed that opportunity.

@lonthemc posted, “You know you’re the mommy of a 2-month-old when it’s nearly 4:30 in the morning and you’re making Instagram posts. #GottaGetUpWhenSheDoes.”

This brought a reply from one of those moms who missed Insta-share.

@stingy1@lonthemc wrote, “I wished Instagram or Facebook was around 10 years ago! There was nothing to do at 4 o’clock feeding!! ??‍♀️?.” Meanwhile, a funny but very true comment about Instagram and babies came from @Stingy1. She posted up, “Yes!! I would have enjoyed surfing Instagram and Facebook instead of watching horrible infomercials and shooting death stares at my snoring husband ?.” Now, just imagine by the time Felicity nurses her own two-month-old baby, what the possibilities could be?

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Two-months-old Felicity spelled in blocks – Counting On

Followers of Counting On also liked the blocks Jinger used to spell out the milestone. Above Felicity Vuolo, she arranged one set of blocks with letters on to spell out her name. Under that, were different blocks, one with the number “two” on and the other with the word “months.”

People noticed that the blocks had different options on them. If they turned another way, they showed a different number, or weeks, days and years. Naturally, other moms asked Jinger where she got them from.

Others commented how unusual it is to see babies dressed in black. However, people agreed that the black looked really adorable on baby Felicity Vuolo.  What do you think about how fast time goes by when babies grow up? Do you also post to Facebook and Instagram when you get up in the wee hours?

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