“Counting On’ Baby Felicity Vuolo Looks All Set To Motor-vate – Sports Seersucker Dress, Chic Pose

Counting On fans saw Felicity Vuolo looking ready to ‘motor-vate’ while sporting a classy seersucker dress and a chic attitude. Followers on Instagram swept up to a new level cuteness overload. It came after Jinger Duggar Vuolo shared the latest picture of her going-on-five-months-old daughter.

‘Counting On’ Insta photo of Felicity Vuolo about to ‘motor-vate’

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo often post photos of their adorable little baby. However, the latest one posted up December 17 saw followers of the TLC show raving over the cute little girl. Fans noticed that she held her head up strongly. She set herself in position, looking all ready to start crawling. One comic suggested soon she would start to “motor-vate.” Babies develop at different stages, and some of them never actually crawl before walking. Nevertheless, most of them wriggle around before attempting the full motion. She may be shy of that age by some weeks, but Felicity’s showing all the body language of preparing for the big day.

Fans of Counting On caught a glimpse of Felicity’s hair, as for once, it wasn’t hidden under a knit hat. Although she wore a head bow, the hair peeped out and the evidence of an emerging brunette showed. Almost overnight, it seems that the infant turned into a soon-to-be toddler. The eyes! Well, everyone commented on those large and beautiful blue eyes. As she grows, this baby shows all the signs of developing into a little beauty. One person commented, saying Felicity Vuolo could end up being the next “Gerber baby.” Actually, it seems incredible that not so long ago, Jeremy and Jinger practiced babysitting as Felicity hadn’t arrived yet.

That pretty seersucker baby dress heart-melted fans

So many Counting On viewers love the way Jinger Duggar Vuolo dresses her daughter, but the cute striped seersucker outfit got the “wow’s.” Simply adorable, fans said. Others commented about how fast Felicity Vuolo grows and her personality appears. Here’s what some of the Counting On followers had to say about her:

  • @eliarodriguez8206: “The changes in Felicity’s growth is amazing. She’s looking more like a toddler than an infant now. Her head band is so pretty and the seersucker dress !! So!! Cute!!”
  • @mcornacchia1: “Do I see a little tooth peeking? That face! That beautiful face!”
  • @deborahbaker2665: “She has her Mom’s big eyes, but the color of her Dad’s. She is going to be a beautiful child with a beautiful heart, just like her parents.”

Thousands of comments gushing about “cuteness” and “overload” overshadowed anyone who usually trolls the Counting On couple. Many fans said that of all the Duggar babies and grandchildren, Felicity takes top marks in the pretty class. Others hoped that the forthcoming seasons of Counting On show lots of Felicity’s milestones.

Chic pose and a casual wave by Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s baby girl

Of course, a little lady, pre-crawling or not, still needs flair and poise and Felicity delivered. Her chubby little hand looks posed to wave at everyone. Fans said they “heart-melted” at the chic pose. There certainly seems to be no end to the cuteness of this addition to the Duggar Family.

What do you think of the cute pic of Felicity Vuolo going to “motor-vate?” Do you love the seersucker outfit and the chic hand-waving pose?

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