‘Counting On’ Jeremy Vuolo Treats Fans With Cute Video – Felicity Laughing

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo gave his fans a major treat late on Sunday (October 21). He posted a video of baby Felicity Vuolo looking so cute as she laughed and cooed for the camera. Fans seem to agree it’s the best video yet of his and Jinger Duggar‘s new baby.

Counting On baby Felicity is looking lovely

In the video, which he captioned as just, “Laughs & giggles,” the Counting On favorite baby is dressed in pink with a striped headband and a bow. Even her blanket is pink – as though Lisa Vanderpump gave them baby-wear advice. The video was a special treat as the young couple often share photos, but not so many videos. Of course, because it’s Felicity, the post got nearly 200k views in six hours. There were thousands of comments from followers and scrolling through, there seemed to be almost no haters for a change.

Most fans were thrilled to hear the baby laughing and cooing and as many of them commented, it’s just heart-warming. Here’s what some Counting On viewers said about the cute video of Baby Felicity:

  • karihasler: Stunning! “Nothing more beautifully innocent than a child laughter.”
  • wintersirensings: “Melts my heart.”
  • adriduartee95: “Soooooo cute! I want a girl so badly!”
  • diane_mattei_goodson: “Oh my goodness she is so cute!!?????????????”
  • kaijaufert: “So precious”
  • mamaburnside: “That little nose wrinkle like her mama. She is so cute!!?❤️”
  • gogirl828: “She’s adorable God bless.”

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Jeremy Vuolo obviously must be happy at fan response

Given that a lot of hate and trolling went out against Jinger recently, Jeremy must be happy at the response. Jinger Duggar got a lot of mom-shaming in the past few weeks. Some furious followers slammed her for putting top-knot headwear on Felicity. They accused Jinger of cultural appropriation as the hats resemble turbans. Apparently, they are of either Muslim and Indian origin. This time, Felicity had headwear, but not of the “turban” kind.

In fact, people were so upset with the trolling, some of them feared that Jinger might not post up any more photos or videos of Felicity. Eventually, many of the trolls and haters comments were removed from Instagram. The fans of the Counting On couple also sometimes suffer some abuse. However, most of them agree that if people hate on little babies, the hater has the problem.

It’s been three weeks since Jeremy posted up about his daughter

Checking back through Jeremy’s posts, one can see the last time he posted a photo of Felicity, was way back on October 2. That one showed Jinger holding Felicity in Chicago, with the plum-colored headband that started the furor. Fans of the reality TV series came across as relieved that he’s back with Felicity posts. Moreover, it’s not just a photo, but a video, so fans can really enjoy the baby as well.

What do you think of the cute video that Jeremy Vuolo treated his fans with? Do you get a nice fuzzy and heartwarming feeling when you watch it? Stay in touch with news about the Duggar Family and Counting On by checking in with Soap Dirt often.