Counting On: Felicity Vuolo Turns Four-Months-Old – First Thanksgiving

Counting On fans know that Jinger Duggar‘s baby, Felicity Vuolo, arrived in the world back in July. The cute little infant’s fast becoming a bit a fashionista. The cute little girl turned four-months-old this week and this Thanksgiving’s the first one for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo with Felicity. Every passing day, fans of the TLC show express their thoughts on the many blessings the little girl brings the favorite couple.

Counting On: Baby Felicity Vuolo adored by fans

Jinger Duggar’s fans always felt she displayed a bit of a rebel personality, but when it comes to her baby, she’s all about traditional gender stuff. Little pink bows adorn Felicity’s brow. Other times, floral outfits, and inventive ensembles leave no doubt about her gender. Fans of Counting On love to see the photos Jinger posts and many of them adore the cute baby.

In the photo posted that celebrates the four-month milestone of her baby, it shows that Jinger all dressed up. She’s in navy pants, a multi-colored smock top and a gorgeous navy headband with a bow.  Furthermore, her little feet look snug and warm in white. Baby Felicity looks very perky and her big beautiful eyes shine. Certainly, some of her father’s features begin emerging.  Time really flies by. Such a short time ago, Baby ‘Lissy’ hadn’t even arrived yet.

Thanksgiving in the Vuolo Family

Thanksgiving for Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo came a few days early. A few days ago, he shared on his Instagram about his thankfulness for his mom. He shared a lovely photo of his mom holding the baby. She’s a major role model for him and he hopes for that for his daughter as well.  This year, he and Jinger celebrate the first Thanksgiving with Felicity. Expect much thankfulness for her new life that made their little family’s year perfect.

While Jinger didn’t mention Thanksgiving in her post showing felicity at four-months-old, her Counting On followers did. Plenty of people wished them the best for Thanksgiving, pointing out that they have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Duggar family Thanksgiving

The Duggar family, of Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting fame do celebrate Thanksgiving like other Americans.  Usually, they don’t celebrate Christmas the way most people do, with decorated Christmas trees. Instead, the family focuses more on Christ. However, Thanksgiving’s something they participate in. In fact, last year Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo spent Thanksgiving with Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald before Felicity Vuolo blessed their lives. This time next year, hopefully, little Felicity toddles around and brings even more seasonal joy to her family and fans.

What do you think of Felicity the baby fashionista? Will you celebrate Thanksgiving with someone special this year?

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