‘Counting On’ Jeremy Vuolo Shares Rare Mom Photo And Insights

Counting On fans seldom hear much of Jeremy Vuolo‘s mom and see even less of her. However, Jeremy took to his Instagram Monday night to share a lovely photo of her with Felicity. Additionally, he shared a long story about his admiration and love for her. Turns out the multi-talented and devout Christian sets the bar high. In fact, some fans wondered if Jinger Duggar meets her standards.

Fans of Counting On admire Jeremy’s beautiful message

Jeremy Vuolo wrote a long and beautiful message revealing his mom’s bio. Additionally, he spoke about how he loves and admires her. If you didn’t know, it turns out that his mom’s a top-notch violinist. She actually “trained under Dorothy DeLay, the world-renowned teacher.” Diana Vuolo became a “masterclass performer.” Not only that, but she also toured with “Philly Pops Orchestra and the Saint Louis Symphony.” In fact, she appeared at the Kimmel Center and Carnegie Hall. Talk about awesome talent!

Jeremy told Counting On followers that his mom is an “exceptional woman.” He then went on to say how despite challenges, his mom never faltered. The personal walk with her Lord made her into a selfless person who pours love and nurturing into her family and others. Diana spends a lot of time helping children whose “lives are impeded by the tragic reality of parental incarceration.” Jeremy said that his mom is his personal “role model.” Plus, he hopes she becomes one for Baby felicity.

Insights into Diana Vuolo set the bar high

In fact, while the message was touching and beautiful, some fans even wondered how Jinger could possibly meet those standards. One Counting On admirer, @shaunaritter, commented, “Does Jinger stack up? I’m scared yikes. So much to l[i]ve up to.” While Jinger was raised in a religious family, meeting her mother-in-law’s standards may challenge her. Jeremy said that his mom “demonstrated what it means to live a life of Christlike sacrificial love toward others.”

In his closing comments, Jeremy Vuolo thanked his mom for showing him “what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.” Also, he added that she counted “others more significant” than herself Some viewers of Counting On said his message made them pick up the phone and call their mom. Obviously, others felt heart-warmed by his tribute to her.

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My mother, Diana Vuolo, is an exceptional woman. A brilliant violinist, she was trained under Dorothy DeLay, the world-renowned teacher, quickly becoming one of her “masterclass performers”. She has toured the world with the Philly Pops Orchestra and the Saint Louis Symphony and has performed in such venues as the Kimmel Center and Carnegie Hall. Through extraordinary talent and unshakable resilience, my mother has continually defied the odds—both personally and professionally. And yet, despite all that she has accomplished, the most impressive dimension of her life is the relationship she has with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a young woman, she recognized her own sinfulness and hopelessness apart from Jesus. Turning, in repentance and faith, she found the rest her soul craved. Her walk with Christ has produced, over the last decades, a life of selfless love toward others. That love has been displayed with her husband and children. Pouring her life into her family, she is the definition found in Proverbs 31 of the woman “worthy of praise.” But further, she has now found a way to use her gifts, talents, and time to promote the flourishing of others. Namely, children whose lives are impeded by the tragic reality of parental incarceration—children that our society often overlooks, children who are hurting, suppressed by the confusion of their circumstances, children aching to break free from the destructive cycle of crime. My mother has demonstrated what it means to live life of Christlike sacrificial love toward others. A woman desperately dependent upon God in prayer, gripped by the reality of suffering around her, and courageously determined to be the change she desires to see, Diana Vuolo is my role model. And, by God’s grace, she will be for my daughter, as well. I love you, Mom. Thank you for showing me what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by counting others more significant than yourself.

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Just a few days left until Thanksgiving

The message came at a time of hope and love, remembrance and thanksgiving. Jeremy Vuolo knows how to give thanks for his talented mom, Diana. Many followers passed back their best wishes and hope that Diana Vuolo spends much time with Felicity.

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