‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Introduce Baby Felicity To Music Class

Counting On spoilers show Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar introduce their daughter to music class. The couple wants to help Felicity Vuolo‘s development. Therefore, they take her to a music class to introduce her to different instruments. Jinger Duggar hopes that Felicity will follow in her footsteps and take interest in playing an instrument. Playing music is very popular in the Duggar family. Each child has taken a class at one point in their life. Some Duggar children stuck with it, while others didn’t continue. Will Felicity Vuolo love music just like her mother?

Counting On Spoilers: – Jeremy Vuolo No Longer Into Music

Counting On spoilers reveal that Jeremy Vuolo grew up playing the piano. Jeremy explains that he played the piano for several years. However, everything that he learned did not stick in his mind. Therefore, he doesn’t know how to play any more. At least not as good as he once did.

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Jeremy Vuolo traded one hobby for another one according to Counting On spoilers. He reveals that the moment he started to play soccer he no longer had an interest in music. Playing soccer is all he did and focused on. Jeremy dropped all his other hobbies and activities he enjoyed doing. However, it all worked out for Jeremy since he later became a professional soccer player.

Jinger Duggar Encouraged To Play An Instrument

Counting On spoilers explain that Jinger Duggar Vuolo was encouraged by her parents to play an instrument. She explains that some of the Duggar children went further than others in their music classes. However, they are all very grateful that they were introduced to playing music. Jinger is a very talented violinist and a pianist.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo reveals that when her and the other kids of the Duggar family didn’t want to continue with their music classes their parents would tell them not to give up. Her parents would say “give it a few more months”. Counting On star Jinger admits that once they gave it a few more months her and her siblings didn’t want to stop.

Felicity Vuolo Future Musician?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo believe that introducing Felicity to music at a young age will help with her development. It has helped Jinger in many ways. Especially when she is stressed. She is able to relax by playing an instrument. Jinger thinks that it is important to give your child a little push to try out an instrument. However, it is important that the child picks what instrument that they want to play.

Counting On spoilers indicate that Jeremy Vuolo doesn’t know what Felicity’s passion will be. However, Jeremy admits that there is a possibility that she will have some of Jinger’s musical talent DNA in her. Jinger hopes that one day she will be able to play music together with her daughter. Jinger Duggar admits “that would be incredible.”

Find out what instruments Felicity Vuolo enjoys listening to on a new episode of Counting On.

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