‘Counting On’: Jinger Vuolo Counts Her 2018 Blessings

Counting On star Jinger Duggar took to her Instagram to share her 2018 blessings with fans of the TLC show. Jeremy and Jinger fast became the fan-favorites of the show following their wedding. Her popularity rose after she followed Jeremy into a different faith and takes her dress code rules from Jeremy rather than Jim Bob. Plus, she waited over a year to get preggers with Baby Felicity. Fans enjoy her for stepping out the mold and genuinely celebrated the lovely moments she experienced in 2018.

‘Counting On’ star’s many blessing in 2018

While Jim Bob Duggar might not dance on the ceiling with joy over his daughter’s marriage to Jeremy who follows Calvinism, it seems the blessings just pour from the sky on Jinger Duggar.  On her Instagram, she posted up a montage of photos and listed all the special things that happened for the couple last year.

These included:

  • A flight to Mexico with John. At the time she was pregnant and suffering from morning sickness. Maybe that wasn’t much of a blessing, but it seems a memory to treasure.
  • Jinger enjoyed the gender reveal party.
  • Felicity’s birth came high on the blessings list.
  • Then, the first time they saw their baby’s little face was special.
  • Later, Jinger enjoyed it when her family visited with them in Laredo
  • Jeremy’s family also spent time with the couple and their new baby.
  • Little Lissy went on a plane for the first time and Jeremy comforted and cuddled her.
  • The rest included little Lissy enjoying the snow, their time at the SWAN Gala, and of course, their first Christmas with Felicity.

Fans of Jinger Duggar share her joy

Counting On fans follow Jinger Duggar closely, especially since she started posting regular photos of Baby Felicity. The cute little girl and the rather suave parents often bring joy into the lives of everyday people. Regarding Jinger’s list of blessings from 2018, many of them responded.

Here’s what some of them had to say to Jinger Duggar:

  • @julie_leveski: “Oh gosh I love this! You’re so blessed, Jinger. It’s people like you that I wish the world had more of. Happy New Year Jinger? I hope 2019 is everything you’re hoping for and more.”
  • @chapindebbie: “Happy New Year to you, Jeremy and Felicity!! God has truly blessed you in 2018, may He continue to bless you and your family in 2019!!”
  • @hellospanishteaches: “Love seeing you share your life with us!!! The baby is so beautiful!!! God is good!”
  • @lisailton: “Thank you for sharing your highlights mama! Such a glorious adventure we are on.”

Many other nice compliments and best wishes went Jinger’s way from Counting On followers.

TLC’s next season of ‘Counting On’

Fans of the show can’t wait for a new season. In fact, so many new things happened in the Duggar Family, including the birth of Felicity. Joy-Anna’s baby Gideon’s growing fast, Lauren and Josiah’s continuing love story has much to tell followers of the show. Despite its longevity, the show’s still popular and fans hope for the new season to arrive in 2019.

What do you think of Jinger Duggar’s many blessings in 2018? Are you waiting for the next season to bring us more about the Duggar family?

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