‘Counting On’ Jeremy Vuolo Shares Baby Felicity Laughing Photo

Counting On’s Jeremy Vuolo is smitten by his pretty little girl, baby Felicity Vuolo. Ever since she arrived, he’s posted gorgeous photos of his daughter. He posted another one late Thursday night (September 13,) that showed baby Felicity looking up at him laughing. It looks like a real, alert belly-laugh too. As her features start becoming more defined, fans seem to agree Felicity looks a lot like her mom, Jinger Duggar.

‘Counting On’ baby Felicity already fan-favorite Duggar addition

Babies arrive frequently on the Counting On reality TV show, but fans seem smitten with “Lissy” as much as Jeremy Vuolo is. Watching her grow up will hold passionate fans glued to their screens for years to come. Jeremy Vuolo simply captioned his post with a heartfelt, “She’s all smiles these days.” He’s smiling at his daughter, who’s smiling and laughing back up at her dad. The love jumps off Jeremy’s Instagram. Fans noted that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are really “blessed” by this cute little girl.

The main agreement is that Felicity looks like her Counting On mom – Jinger. She even wrinkles up her little nose just like Jinger does when she’s happy. One fan pointed out that they should treasure the photo and keep it safe because one day Baby Felicity will too. Others agreed Jinger and Felicity look alike, but that the smile is pure Jeremy Vuolo. Have you noticed how Jeremy smiles a lot? He has a nice open face and that smile makes his fans smile too. It seems that their baby surely will turn out a beautiful young girl, blessed as she is with such handsome parents.

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She’s all smiles these days.

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Fans react to Jeremy Vuolo’s latest baby Felicity photo

Here’s what some of the Counting On fans had to say about Jeremy’s beautiful picture:

  • unicornsatpeace “@jeremy_vuolo what a priceless photo of you and your beautiful baby girl.”
  • cindy.keith “You guys are doing a great job Look how happy that little cutie is. She is beautiful. ..?.”
  • april_10th_1998, “She scrunches up her nose just like Jinger does! She’s almost her exact copy, lol. Felicity is adorable.?”
  • rhall004, “Jinger and you are blessed with a beautiful little sweet pea!!! ???”

Jeremy of course, cannot reply to everyone who sends him messages, no matter how kind they may be. But hopefully, he reads them and knows how loved he and his little family have become. However, the trolls always lurk around, and when he posted up a photo of their new cat last week, some fans scolded him as they think the cat might be a danger to the baby. Telling fans the cute kitten’s name was Jacob, some reacted negatively, thinking the cat would be left outside like “all the Duggar pets.” But when it comes to little “Lissy,” as they call their baby, almost nobody trolls Jeremy and Jinger.

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Welp, we’re now a family of four. Welcome to the family, Jacob.

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Other ‘Counting On’ baby news

In other Counting On baby news, Joy-Anna explained in the recent episode of the TLC show, that being a mom turned out differently to what she expected. With so many siblings around as she grew up, she didn’t think parenting could be all that hard. While some parents might think a baby that sleeps through the night is to die for, Joy knows she has to wake her baby Gideon, so he feeds and puts on weight properly. At the moment, she’s waking him twice a night.

What do you think of Jeremy’s photo of Felicity smiling and laughing? Is she your favorite baby on the show?

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