‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Takes Kids to See New Baby

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar took her kids to see a new baby. And they also went fishing in the pond, which looked like a lot of fun.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Fishing and Farm Life

Anna Duggar never shies away from the farm lifestyle. In fact, even when Anna was pregnant, she was still doing some farm tasks. And now that her kids are getting bigger—with her youngest being nine months old—she’s able to continue the fun.

It looks like Counting On star Anna’s kids love the farm as much as she does. As a matter of fact, when they went to the farm, they went fishing. And her daughter Mackynzie Duggar caught the biggest fish.

Fans were cheering young Mackynzie on, saying “girl power.” And it looks like she was pretty proud of catching the biggest fish for the day. But that wasn’t all the wildlife fun they had for the day.

Counting On: Mackynzie Duggar

Kids Check Out New Baby Cow

The main reason Anna Duggar of Counting On and the kids went to the farm was to see the new calf. They had to check on it and make sure it was doing well. The cow was running all around and looked very happy.

The mama cow wasn’t interested in having the kids or anyone in the way. But it seems like the cow is doing good and doesn’t need much help. Other than its mother, of course.

There is always something fun going on with the farm. Fans thanked Anna Duggar for showing them the cute calf and said that they were glad that she and the kids had fun at the farm. But they said that they want more.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Counting On: Fans Beg Anna Duggar to Come Back

Fans asked Anna Duggar if they were going to see more of her on the show. Many people were asking why they didn’t see Anna as much. The truth is that Anna was a big part of the show—but Josh Duggar ruined things with his drama.

His affair caused major problems for the family. And despite the fact that Anna didn’t do anything wrong on her part, it seems like TLC may want to distance themselves from these problems. And fans remind people this is much like what happened during 19 and Counting.

Some viewers of Counting On even said they wished the old show would come back. But that’s not likely to happen since the ratings for Counting On aren’t as high as many other popular shows.

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