‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar’s Girls Dress up for Competition

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar has six beautiful little ones. But recently, two of her girls took it to the next level with their adorable outfits amidst fierce competition.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Celebrates Anniversary

Recently, Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar celebrated their twelfth anniversary. Some fans of Counting On congratulated them. But other fans said, “Anna, you’re such a freaking saint,” and “Hope he knows how lucky he is to have you.”

Due to Josh’s cheating past, fans aren’t purely happy for the Counting On couple. But they do love their adorable children. And love to see how they dress up and fix their hair.

Fans keep asking Counting On star Anna if she wants to have more kids. But she recently said she couldn’t have kids because she’s breastfeeding. Other fans commented to say, “I hope she knows that doesn’t always work.”

Counting On: Mackynzie Duggar - Meredith Duggar

Anna Gives the Fans What They Want

Viewers of the TLC show don’t like seeing Josh Duggar. But they do like seeing their adorable sons and daughters. The big competition that took place was a big Jenga game. Anna said that the girls are competitive, and that makes them fit in with the rest of the Counting On cast.

What fans of the Counting On crew noticed is that Mackynzie Duggar and Meredith Duggar were super dressed up. They looked adorable, and Anna outdid herself with their awesome braids. Fans are always asking if she can do tutorials on how to braid girl’s hair.

Right now, it doesn’t look like Anna Duggar is going to take to video making. But she will keep posting adorable pictures of her kids. Counting On fans are still hopeful for the tutorials, but for now, they’ll be happy with the fun sister pictures.

Counting On: Mackynzie Duggar - Meredith Duggar

Counting On: What’s Next for the Big Family?

Anna Duggar isn’t sharing a lot about what is happening in her life right now. But not too long ago, we did see that she did a little update to their current residence. She put a nice backsplash up and made the warehouse property feel homier.

Recently it came out that Anna got a pricey mansion to sell. She will profit hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s all thanks to her father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar.

Watchers of Counting On think that’s the least she deserves. After all, she did have to go through public humiliation. She should be able to function independently without having to worry about Josh Duggar supporting them fans say.

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