‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar – Where Are They Now?

Counting On‘s Josh Duggar is no longer on the TLC show because of his 2015 scandal. But everyone still wants to know where Josh Duggar wife Anna Duggar and the rest of the family are. Are Josh and Anna Duggar still together? How many kids do they have? Fans keep asking.

Counting On: Josh Duggar Is Not Allowed on the Show

Because of Josh Duggar’s scandal in 2015, he is not on the show Counting On. In 2015, information came out about an incident that took place when Josh Duggar was 14. A police report indicates he allegedly may have inappropriately touched his sisters Jessa, Jill, two other sisters, and a babysitter. After the story broke, two of his sisters — Jill and Jessa stepped forward to defend him and say he would never do anything like that again.

After the interview with Josh’s two sisters, only 4 months later news came out that he is having an affair. Josh Duggar also had profiles on two different adult dating websites. Not only was he having an affair, but he also admitted to being addicted to pornography. After this, TLC cancels 19 and Counting.

Counting On: Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar Forgives Husband Josh Duggar

After the news break in 2015, Anna Duggar left social media. After a short leave from social media, she decides to come back on and share their lives again. Counting On fans say if they didn’t know any better when they see photos, they look like a nice and wholesome family with no problems.

Anna Duggar says she forgives Josh Duggar who does not appear on Counting On. The family does not believe in divorce. This is one of the many rules Josh Duggar and family have about how to operate in marriage. You’ll even notice how Michelle looks at Jim Bob and seems to have passed this down to her daughters. Anna embraces the same beliefs and stays with Josh Duggar and their six children even though he was unfaithful.

Counting On: Josh Duggar

Counting On: How Does Josh’s Household Function?

Many people raise eyebrows at how Josh Duggar runs his household. He is in charge and makes the rules, controls the finances and determines what entertainment is and is not okay. Despite his unfaithfulness, it is Anna that is not allowed to have secret passwords from Josh.

Other important rules of Josh Duggar’s household that we’ve learned from Counting On and through other sources? Anna is not allowed to wear pants. She must wear clothing that is modest and does not encourage sexual advances. He also does not allow her to dance since it causes what he says are bad feelings.

His six children must follow strict rules that are very much like Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle’s rules of the house. Despite this strictness and Josh’s open views about certain lifestyles, he still faces scrutiny about being unfaithful to his wife. And hurting his family with his scandal.

Jill shared on Counting On that his actions didn’t only hurt him, but also hurt her and the whole family.

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