‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Set for $500k Payday Thanks to Jim Bob

Counting On wife Anna Duggar has gone through a lot with her cheating husband, the oldest Duggar son, Josh Duggar. But, is Jim Bob Duggar paying off Anna? Some fans think he is.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar is a Real Estate Pro

Most people know that Jim Bob makes most of his money through real estate. But is Anna Duggar the one that will profit from his real estate prowess this time?

It’s common practice for the Counting On crew to live in houses their father owns and then move out when it’s time to sell. Yet, it doesn’t look like Anna Duggar is going the usual route this time.

She seems to want to stay put in the warehouse on the family property and just sell a big house for good money. And it’s all thanks to a lucrative deal set up for Anna by Jim Bob Duggar.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Real Estate Runs In the Duggar Family

Jim Bob Duggar’s mother, Mary Duggar, taught him a lot about real estate. The two were very close, and she was a mentor to her son. We saw Mary in a lot of episodes on Counting On, and she was very sharp.

Sadly, Mary suffered a stroke, but thankfully she was alive and well even after that medical event. But, not too long after that, she suffered a terrible accident. Mary drowned in her swimming pool. This tragic incident shook the entire Duggar clan.

Everyone was in shock, and even a year later, they still mourn this terrible loss. But it seems like Jim Bob Duggar is doing like his mom Mary – and passing his knowledge along. And one of the people he’s mentoring is daughter-in-law Anna Duggar.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Counting On: Anna Duggar Gets Her Hands on a House

Some fans said in the past that they thought Anna of Counting On was holding out for a big payday. But they thought she was waiting for Jim Bob and his wife Michelle to die to inherit from them. Some viewers thought she was waiting to get a share in the huge house.

That might be a nice inheritance for Josh and the other Counting On kids. But that doesn’t look like what is happening. Instead, it seems that Jim Bob Duggar helped Anna out. Through a series of transfers from the Duggar trust, owned by Jim Bob and Michelle, Anna Duggar bought a sizeable property.

Anna bought the property, in the name of her LLC, for just $257k. Then, eight days ago, she listed it for nearly $800k. That’s a pretty big payday for Counting On star Anna if it sells at that price. Tracing the property records, Jim Bob sold Anna the property a little more than a year ago – at an apparent loss.

Now, she’s listed it for more than three times the price she paid. Yet the realty ad says the property still needs work, and photos don’t show any upgrades. Fans of Counting On are curious about the deal and why Jim Bob Duggar made the deal, which looks to be a huge payday for Anna Duggar.

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