‘Counting On’: Anna & Josh Duggar to Inherit the Family Home?

Counting On fans believe Anna Duggar is biding her time with Josh Duggar. Remember, Josh is the oldest Duggar child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. He’s seen his fair share of scandal,, and many people wonder why Anna stays with him. However, others cheer her as a faithful wife that forgave her husband’s wrongdoings.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Forgives for Cheating

The Duggar family does their best to put off a wholesome family vibe on the show Counting On. They are all about family values and doing what is right according to their faith. But some members of the family go beyond what the faith specifies. Spouses can leave their other half when divorce is in the mix.

Since Anna Duggar has every right to leave the marriage, why doesn’t she dump him? Not only did she know about Josh’s molestation scandal. But she knew he subscribed to cheating website, Ashley Madison. And Josh Duggar didn’t confess all this to her. Instead, it came out as part of a massive leak. Then, his father, Jim Bob Duggar, raced to do damage control.

Some fans suspect Anna Duggar sticks with Josh only in the hope they’ll get the big Duggar house. The mansion would be a nice change from the warehouse where they live with their six children.  At first, viewers of Counting On thought the industrial living space was temporary. But not long ago, Anna redid the kitchen backsplash to make it homier – a sure sign they’re in it for the long haul.

Counting On: Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar

Josh Duggar Out of the Spotlight

It’s been a while since her husband, Josh Duggar, was infamous and in the news. Many people believe the reason 19 and Counting is no longer on television is because of the Duggar parents’ involvement with the Josh cover-up. When all the dirt about Josh leaked out, Anna Duggar disappeared from the internet. She didn’t post online for a long time.

Some fans worried Anna would get lumped her in with her husband. It’s true there were mean comments saying Anna should have known. But, most people were supportive of her. Before long, Anna Duggar was back on Counting On with her kids.

Despite that Anna was back, her husband Josh wasn’t welcome on the show. In fact, it’s very rare that anyone sees Josh. On Father’s day, Anna was radio silent about her husband from Counting On. Did Josh get snubbed as his Father did?

Counting On: Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar

Counting On’s Season 11 Has No Anna Duggar

If you were hoping to see Anna Duggar on the upcoming season of Counting On, you’re out of luck. Anna and two other regular cast members are not going to be on the eleventh season of Counting On on TLC Tuesday nights at 8. If you’re worried things fall apart with the new season, have no fear. It looks like Jinger Duggar is a main focus this season. And don’t forget about the family scavenger hunt that’s coming up.

There’s still plenty of fun, games, and likely drama to watch when it comes to this season of the Duggar show. Yes, it is going to be a lot different due to the fact there is a pandemic going on. But Arkansas was never really under lockdown, so they may be on the show together at some point.

It doesn’t look like Anna Duggar will appear on Counting On – even as a guest. However, the family still sent well wishes for her son Michael’s birthday. So, it doesn’t seem like she’s on the outs with the family. But, do you think there’s a chance Josh Duggar will inherit the house and Anna Duggar’s patience will pay off for her?

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