‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Addresses 7th Pregnancy Chatter

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar is the latest of the Duggar women under pregnancy watch. There are clues that baby number seven could be on its way—but are they true?

Counting On: Anna Duggar Mothers Six Kids Pregnant Again?

32-year-old Anna Duggar is mom to three girls and three boys. She’s the wife of Josh Duggar from Counting On. And their children’s names are Mackynzie, Maryella, Mason, Meredith, Michael, and Marcus. She keeps her family active by taking them out to the farm and seems to love being a mother.

They have a beautiful family, but Counting On fans are concerned about how quickly Anna has her children. Despite that concern, everyone is excited to look for a baby bump. Recently there was a major Anna Duggar Pregnant rumor going around. If true it would be her seventh baby.

As a matter of fact, a fan called her out on it and asked if it was true. And Anna Duggar of Counting On was quick to respond to the fan about whether number seven baby was coming or not.

Counting On: Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar

Anna Says She’s Got Some Time

Anna Duggar’s response was that she had some time before that could happen. the Counting On star said she was breastfeeding, so it wasn’t going to happen. While there is a delay in fertility during breastfeeding, it’s not a perfect form of birth control.

It’s known as the Lactation Amenorrhea Method (LAM) of contraception. According to an expert, if Anna exclusively breastfeeds by nursing every 4 to 6 hours, then her body will naturally stop ovulating. So, if she doesn’t ovulate then she can’t get pregnant.

But a lot of things have to go right to avoid pregnancy. She could be late on a feeding and start ovulation. Plus, after the baby is six-month’s old, it gets less effective. It’s not a perfect solution.

Since Anna used this as her reason for why she isn’t pregnant, Counting On followers think she might get a surprise herself. Since there is a possibility that she could get pregnant if she isn’t using birth control. And it’s public knowledge that the Duggar family doesn’t believe in using it. In fact, as the show name implies, they love lots of babies.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Counting On: Fans Disagree With Duggar Mom

When Counting On star Anna Duggar said she couldn’t get pregnant because of breastfeeding, fans scoffed. One fan said, “that’s not how it works,” and another said, “You can still get pregnant.” But Anna didn’t reply to any of those people.

Anna Duggar said she isn’t pregnant, but fans are watching for a pregnancy even more now. Maryella Duggar is only nine months old now. And other fans said that people should give Anna a break and let her stop having babies.

Whatever the case, it seems like she isn’t against the idea of more kids. It seems like she is saying that she is likely to get pregnant once her body allows it. Everyone is curious about how big they want their family to be.

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