‘Celebrity Big Brother’ LEAK: Season 3 in Works Says CBS Insider

A Celebrity Big Brother leak says we could have a new season by early 2021. The pandemic made it hard for most shows to film, but CBS found a way to make it work with Big Brother 22. Now, an insider leaked that season 3 of CBB is already in the works.

Celebrity Big Brother LEAK: CBS Aims for Early 2021 Airdate

An insider at the CBS network said they’re in talks to bring back CBB with the hopes of a start in early 2021. The same leaks said that Survivor is a no-go as of now. So, the network wants to have something new for their viewers in that time slot.

Without the Jeff Probst hosted show, the network’s scrambling for content, says our source. And with the set constructed and the stage literally set, we could see Celebrity Big Brother before Summer 2021.

As long as the pandemic doesn’t halt the shoot, the leaker says CBS could start shooting shortly after the holidays. And, they said that CBS is already eyeing potential houseguests for Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother: Julie Chen

Fans Frustrated with Lackluster BB22

Big Brother 22 finally premiered in August after delays. Fans were still thrilled they’d get a new season, even though BB21 had the worst ratings in the show’s history. After a late start and a shorter 85 day season, BB22 ended in October. And fans flocked to the internet to vent their frustration with how it played out. So, they might like Celebrity Big Brother better.

When CBS announced All-Stars, followers of Big Brother were initially delighted. There was even more excitement since so many other shows were on hold. But, it didn’t take long for viewers to get frustrated. Fans agreed that the Big Brother All-stars cast was full of house guests that didn’t live up to the name.

As the season progressed, fans believed that nobody actually cared to win the money. Most of the players had made it known that they were financially stable and didn’t need the cash. Watchers didn’t see the usually crafty gameplay. Viewers said none of the houseguests made any big moves. Now, fans are ready for a season with bold players perhaps in Celebrity Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 22: All-Stars

Celebrity Big Brother: Who Will CBS Cast?

The network leak told us they already have some ideas for cast members they want for CBB Season 3. Reportedly, they’re bouncing around some exciting and popular names. A Real Housewife and a celebrity chef are just a couple of the people that the network considers worthy for Celebrity Big Brother.

And, with Carole Baskin popping up on Dancing With The Stars, she’s another possible houseguest. The insider leaked that Celebrity Big Brother might also consider other cast members from the popular Tiger King show. Those names include Doc Antle, John Finlay, and Dillon Passage that might be wooed for CBB3.

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