‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Twist: Anthony Scaramucci a Fake HG – Kandi Takes His Place on the Block

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Anthony Scaramucci was a twist – it seems, he was never a real CBB houseguest. On the Live Feeds today, Lolo Jones seems to suspect The Mooch was a plant because she called it a “fun twist”.

However Tom Green and Ryan Lochte had a conversation about The Mooch after his departure. They didn’t understand why he would self-evict. Tom was on the live feeds telling Ryan several moves Scaramucci could have made to save his game. He said Anthony Scaramucci didn’t seem like a quitter. It appears the Celebrity Big Brother players were not informed that Scaramucci was never a real houseguest.

Here’s a look at what happened when The Mooch left the building and what that means for nominees on the Chopping Block.

Celebrity Big Brother: Tom Green and Anthony Scaramucci Alliance Never Real

Tom Green and fellow CBB houseguest Anthony Scaramucci might seem the oddest of pairs, but have a lot in common. Both worked for Donald Trump. While the Mooch only spent 11 days in the White House, he had a connection to the President. Tom, on the other hand, was on the Celebrity Apprentice and worked with Trump in a competitive environment.

Tom did not make it past task three before he was eliminated from the show. Both men were fired by Donald Trump and seemed to bond over that in the CBB US living room. They formed an alliance with a third HG – but now it seems The Mooch was playing them since he clearly wasn’t playing Big Brother.

Fake Houseguest, Fake Alliance – What Was Real?

A few days ago, Anthony Scaramucci, Tom Green and Kato Kaelin were in the kitchen and made a tentative alliance, but The Mooch’s fake player reveal clearly has derailed the CBB Alliance. The three made up an interesting trio and Celebrity Big Brother fans would have loved to see how they progressed in the game.

But three events shook things up. First, Ryan Lochte put Anthony Scaramucci and Tom Green on the Chopping Block. Second, The Mooch leaving the Big Brother house. Third, Kato Kaelin won the second of two recent PoVs and will take Tom Green off the Block.

Other Clues Anthony Scaramucci was a Fake Celebrity Big Brother Player

On Celebrity Big Brother video feeds, the live wathchers saw Anthony Scaramucci packing his bags way ahead of schedule. The Mooch was also schedule to attend the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.  He is there today and has been on the scheduled to at the global financial summit.

CBB US Nomination Shake Up – Ricky, Kato Win PoV

On the last Celebrity Big Brother episode, viewers saw Jonathan Bennett land on the block when he lost an HoH showdown. Then Ryan put up Anthony Scaramucci and comedian Tom Green next to him. There was one PoV that Ricky Williams won, but he didn’t use the power.

When The Mooch left the game, that left an open chair on the block. Ryan put Kandi Burruss up as a nominee and reportedly blamed Tamar Braxton for it. Kato Kaelin won a second Power of Veto competition (teased as Mooch-themed). He plans to use it to pull Tom off the block.

Tom Green Drags Jonathan Bennett – Replacement Nominee Talk

Once Kato pulls Tom Green down as a nom, the Celebrity Big Brother house will be in turmoil again. For his part, HoH Ryan is hoping he won’t be asked to nominate another person. This feels a lot like Cody Nickson being forced to make multiple nominations in the same week, getting lots of blood on his hands, and burning down his game.

If Ryan is forced to renom, chatter in the house is it’ll be Dina Lohan. This may be okay with Tom since she’s allied with Jonathan Bennett. During the HoH face off of Ryan Lochte vs Jonathan, Tom dragged Jon about constantly mentioning that he was on Mean Girls.

Tonight’s Episode – PoV Comp and The Mooch Exit

Tonight is another episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Watch CBS to see the PoV competition and all the nomination and renomination action in the CBB US house.

The live eviction takes place on Friday and the Anthony Scaramucci twist should be revealed. Things are coming to a boil already! Check your local listings because air dates for CBB 2 are all over the place for the short celebrity season.

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