‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Anthony Scaramucci First Interview After Exit

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have a new Anthony Scaramucci exit interview, Here’s what The Mooch shared about his short time on CBB US – even less time than he spent as White House Communications Director. The silver lining is that this time, he wasn’t fired!

Celebrity Big Brother: Anthony Scaramucci Won’t Reveal Why He Left

The Mooch did an interview with The Girl’s Lounge at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Anthony Scaramucci shared that he could not disclose the reason for his self-eviction. But, he told fans to tune in during Friday’s live eviction episode to see how (and why) it all went down.

Soap Dirt was first to confirm that Anthony Scaramucci had left the Celebrity Big Brother house. When live feeds returned after the Wednesday night show the house was wondering where The Mooch was. And why his picture on the memory wall had not turned gray yet. They used terms like “plant’ and “mole” when referring to him.

Despite his early exit, The Mooch seemed in good spirits throughout the interview and was cracking jokes with the crowd. It looks like there is a lot more to come on this story.

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Celebrity Big Brother Diversity Did Not Divide Them

Anthony Scaramucci touched briefly on the relationships inside the CBB US house during the interview. While the interview was supposed to be about finance, The Mooch touched on the reality show experience. He compared WEF to Celebrity Big Brother, where people come from many different backgrounds.

He mentioned Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss, who thought that he would be totally different than how the media portrays him. The Mooch also shouted out Jonathan Bennett, whose butt he says he pinched in an effort to see “how firm it was”. Anthony said that they were all from diverse backgrounds, but had much in common.

He says the relationships and people he met made his time in the house memorable.

Was Anthony Scaramucci a Production Plant?

Fans have speculated that Anthony Scaramucci was never supposed to last long on Celebrity Big Brother. With some CBB celebrities suspecting the same thing, his interview did nothing to dissuade this opinion. It now appears that The Mooch was a fake houseguest inside the BB house.

People are also wondering whether or not Anthony was only in the house long enough to release some kind of twist or curse. CBS published the cast reveal promo before the show started. It listed The Mooch as a special addition at the end of the intros separate from the 11 other CBB US houseguests.

Maybe CBS planned to have him on for a short amount of time just to stir things up in the house. Was The Mooch just there as a production plant to engage in sabotage? According to Anthony, Scaramucci, we have to wait until Friday to see how his story unfolds. Until then, we will be holding our breath in anticipation of what’s to come on CBB US!

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