‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Anthony Scaramucci Self-Evicts From CBB House

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that Anthony Scaramucci has left the house. It is unclear the reason behind his swift exit from CBB US 2, but the Mooch could not break his White House record. Now, HoH Ryan Lochte will probably have to nominate another houseguest.

Celebrity Big Brother: The Mooch Gone Before He Even Started

Celebrity Big Brother fans were shocked last night when live feeds turned on and Anthony Scaramucci was nowhere to be seen. At first, it was assumed that he was just in the Diary Room, but then the rest of the house started talking about him.

They were wondering why The Mooch’s picture was not grey yet – the staple of an evicted houseguest. Tamar Braxton even commended Anthony Scaramucci on lasting as long as he did. Tom Green thought that they were not supposed to talk about it.

Sadly, he did not beat his record of 11 days in the White House. The Mooch may not have wanted another public embarrassment after his last firing. Or maybe he felt uneasy about not knowing what was going on with his company that manages billions in assets. It could be that the uber-rich self made millionaire didn’t like sharing a bathroom with a dozen other people. Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth is more than all the other houseguests combined.

The only thing fans really want to know is the reason behind the quick exit.

Ryan Lochte Has To Nominate Another CBB Houseguest after Anthony Scaramucci leaves

In a fashion reminiscent of past Big Brother player Cody Nickson, Ryan Lochte now has to pick another celeb to put on the block since Anthony Scaramucci self-eviceted

In his Big Brother 19 season, Cody was forced to nominate another houseguest when the same thing happened. By the end of his HoH reign, he had nominated a total of five people over the course of a week.

Ryan is now in the same position as Cody but has already listed potential targets when he was first deciding who to pick. Since he is in an alliance with Jonathan, Lolo, Eva, Tamar, and Kandi, there is only a small pool to choose from. He has thrown out Dina Lohan’s name before, but Jonathan steered him away from the idea.

That leaves Kato Kaelin, Ricky Williams, and Joey Lawrence as replacement nominees. Not to mention, there is still a Power of Veto to play for. It is gearing up to be an exciting, yet messy week of Celebrity Big Brother!

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