‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Who Won CBB US 2 And The $250,000 Grand Prize?

Celebrity Big Brother season 2 is over. Who won CBB 2 and the $250,000 grand prize? It all came down to Ricky Williams and Tamar Braxton in the Final 2. A player was also awarded the honor of America’s Favorite Player

Celebrity Big Brother: Kandi Burruss Evicted From Final Five

Kandi Burruss did not make it to the Final Four on Celebrity Big Brother. The real housewife was on the chopping block next to Dina Lohan and was unable to win the PoV. Lolo Jones voted to evict Kandi while Tamar Braxton remained loyal to her friend and voted for Dina.

HoH Ricky Williams was forced to break the tie. Ultimately, it was Kandi who he saw as a bigger threat to his game. That put Dina, Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar Braxton into the Final Four where they would immediately be thrown into the next and last Celebrity Big Brother HoH competition.

She did tell Julie that she was grateful to get the chance to make amends with Tamar Braxton.

Ricky Williams Wins Final HoH And Picks

In a miniature look-a-like competition, Ricky Williams came out on top in a tie-breaking guessing round against Tamar Braxton. This is the most important HoH of the summer as Ricky will evict two celebrities and choose who sits next to him in the Final 2.

Unsurprisingly, Ricky Williams evicted Dina Lohan first. Then, he had to choose between his two remaining alliance members Lolo and Tamar. In a move that shocked the Celebrity Big Brother live audience, Ricky evicted Lolo and kept Tamar. Lolo was speechless and told Julie she was not sure if she would continue her friendship with Ricky outside of the house.

Tom Green Is Crowned America’s Favorite Player

Comedian Tom Green had Celebrity Big Brother fans in stitches during his stint in the CBB house. His impact on the show was so memorable that he was voted as this year’s America’s Favorite Player. That means Tom Green is walking away with a bonus of $25,000.

Not only did Tom get to walk away with a cash prize, but he also leaves with a new best friend. He and Kato Kaelin became close in the house and the friendship looks to be only getting stronger outside of it.

Tamar Braxton Wins Celebrity Big Brother – Becomes First Black Winner In Big Brother US History!

In an astonishing clean sweep, Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother and simultaneously made BB history. The only other player in BB history to get a unanimous vote was Dan Gheesling in BB10. Ricky Williams came in second place and won $50,000.

Tamar Braxton is now the first black winner in the history of the US version of Big Brother. She goes home with $250,000 dollars and says she is gonna use the money to buy her son a house. Big Brother returns this June for the show’s 21st season.

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