‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tom Green Is HoH Plus New CBB Twist – Joey Lawrence Targeted

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate Tom Green is the newest HoH. With Tom in power, it looks like Joey Lawrence might be getting an eviction notice from the rest of the houseguests. In other news, the second CBB US breaking news twist has been revealed.

Celebrity Big Brother: Tom Green Wins HoH

CBB US live feeds were out for several hours last night while the HoH comp took place. Since Ryan Lochte was sent packing at the end of Kato Kaelin’s reign, it’s time for a new celebrity to take control.

Tom Green came out victorious, but Joey Lawrence might have come in close second to the comedian in the Celebrity Big Brother challenge. That is what Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie said on the feeds.

It also seems that Tamar Braxton did not even attempt to participate in the competition last night. Tom plans to make a big move by getting rid of one of the biggest threats in the house.


Joey Lawrence In Trouble This Week on CBB US

With Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett gone, Joey Lawrence is left without his buddies all by his lonesome. Although he claims he is not an “alliance guy,” one person rarely wins Big Brother by themselves.

Celebrity Big Brother HoH Tom Green has his sights set on Joey. It is unclear whether he is gonna straight up nominate Joey or try and back door him as they did to Ryan, but he is leaning towards the former. He did make it known that he did not want to put Kandi Burruss or Tamar Braxton on the block, possibly because of the potential blowback.

Kato is trying to persuade him that Kandi is just as dangerous as Joey Lawrence. Kato, Lolo, and Natalie Eva Marie are all on board with the game plan. There appears to be a lot of trust between the foursome, which had Tom Green questioning. “What happens when we get to final four?” Kato Kaelin told him it will be a crap shoot.

CBB Celebrity Breaking News Twist Revealed

On last night’s live show, Julie Chen announced the latest twist being introduced into Celebrity Big Brother via Celeb Breaking News. The Power of the Publicist gives one houseguest the opportunity to veto themselves at the next two veto or nomination meetings. Fans will be in charge of tweeting which celeb they want to give it to with the hashtag CBB and celebs name.

As of this afternoon, Tamar Braxton is in the lead with Joey Lawrence behind her. Tamar’s unpredictable personality in the house is extremely entertaining to viewers. But, Joey might need the power to stay in the CBB house as others are gunning for him. The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs on Wednesday at 8!

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