‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Kato Kaelin Talks OJ Simpson Murder and Trial Aftermath

Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Kato Kaelin blabbed about the OJ Simpson murder case and the fallout on his life. Kato Kaelin is best-known for being OJ’s roommate at the time Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. He lived in OJ’s guest house and was called as a key witness in the murder trial.

OJ was found not guilty in the criminal case but was later convicted of murder in a civil trial brought by Ron Goldman’s father. Of course, the disgraced athlete wound up in prison for years on an unrelated crime.

Celebrity Big Brother: Ties to OJ Simpson Murder Trial

For those too young to get the context, on June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson (OJ’s ex-wife) and Ron Goldman, a friend, were discovered stabbed to death outside the door of her LA condo. One clue at the scene was a single glove. The LAPD arrested OJ Simpson after a low-speed chase down the freeway that earned coverage on all the networks.

The criminal case that followed was called “the trial of the century” and consumed national attention. Everybody everywhere tuned in to see how it would play out and whether OJ would be convicted or not. The trial was an admitted mess as some evidence went missing, some seemed contrived, and the DNA evidence confused the jurors. It didn’t help that OJ Simpson was beloved at the time.

CBB US: Kato Kaelin’s Involvement in OJ’s Trial

Celebrity Big Brother star Kato Kaelin gained notoriety for his role as OJ’s guest on his estate and as a witness called in the murder trial. He was living at OJ Simpson’s guest house. Kato was at the house and saw OJ the night of the murder. He testified to seeing OJ before and after the murders occurred, but not in the time frame the investigators said the murders took place.

Kato Kaelin’s testimony did not coincide with OJ’s statements. and the prosecution declared Kato Kaelin a hostile witness. This was an unusual step for a prosecution to take but allowed them to attack his testimony without defense interruption. This whole ordeal put Kato in the spotlight and made him a paparazzi target for years to come.

Celebrity Big Brother: Kato Promises He Will Talk More OJ During CBB US

Before the season started, Kato Kaelin told fans that he would be talking about OJ Simpson during Celebrity Big Brother. On the first night in the house when he introduced himself, he told the other celebs he was known for his involvement in the case.

“Do you think O.J. is gonna walk through that door?” Tom Green asked jokingly on Celebrity Big Brother. “I’m hoping not,” is what Kato replied as the others looked at each other awkwardly. Tamar Braxton was teased for shoving tons of grapes in her mouth during the awkward silence.

Kato Kaelin Says OJ Simpson Guilty of Murder

Even before CBB US, Kato Kaelin was known as being the “original houseguest”. The best place for someone with that nickname is definitely the Big Brother house. From the get-go, in a Diary Room session, he said he was certain that OJ killed his ex-wife. He didn’t pull any punches about it.

Then, during a powwow in the Celebrity Big Brother backyard, Kato shared about his life after the trial. He explained how difficult things got after he testified. People sent him death threats and some even showed up at his daughter’s school.

He said he is afraid to see anything about the show after he exits because there are still hateful people out there. He would rather keep that type of negativity out of his life. Watch CBS so you don’t miss a moment of the short season of CBB US for more Kato Kaelin updates and other celeb dirt.

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