‘Big Brother’: Tyler Crispen Caught Cheating in HoH Comp by Scottie Salton’s Mom – Wants Him Disqualified

Big Brother’s Tyler Crispen won last week’s BB20 HoH competition – or did he? According to Scottie Salton’s family, Tyler cheated and should be disqualified. Some fans are calling for his disqualification and new reports reveal that Big Brother production met to discuss his fate.

How Did Tyler Crispen Cheat on Big Brother?

To be clear, what Tyler Crispen did wasn’t likely intentional.  During the Big Brother HoH competition, he lifted both feet off the disc. It lasted only a fraction of a second, but it did technically break a rule. He might not even realize his feet came off the disc.

There has been much debate among fans what the rules actually were. Fans were confused because when Angela read the rules, she said that contestants must not sit on the disc – no mention of feet. Then when Kaycee was in the DR, she said you had to keep “both” feet on the disc.

The truth is, the official rules are read by production to the contestants before the comp begins. The players are allowed to ask questions. What wasn’t seen on camera was production telling the players they needed to keep at least “one” foot on the disc at all times.

Whether it’s one foot or two – both of Tyler’s feet came off the disc, and Scottie’s family spotted the violation.

Scottie Salton’s Family’s Reaction

Watching the flashback on the live feeds, you can see Tyler in the background of the frame. He’s in a squatting position and pulls himself up to a standing position. While doing this, he pulls his feet off the top of the disc.  Because he’s so far in the background, it’s very hard to see. But not to worry. Scottie Salton’s mother and family found the frame and blew it up. It’s grainy, but it is proof.

And of course, the family posted it on Scottie’s Twitter account that they’re managing while their boy is in the BB20 house. Soap Dirt staff watched the footage and verified that his feet came off the disc during the competition. A faction of fans was railing and insisting that Haleigh Broucher should have won.

However, at the time Tyler’s feet came off the disc, there were four other HGs still in the game, most of them Tyler’s allies. Had Tyler been kicked off the comp, it might have gone differently. The rest of L6 still on their discs might have hung in there longer. You can’t simply deduct Tyle from the end result and say Haleigh would have won.

Tyler Crispen and Scottie Salton – Big Brother fans divided

The houseguests inside the BB20 house don’t know about Tyler’s gaffe but super-fans are talking about it non-stop. This has caused a rift between fans. Team Tyler, of course, thinks it’s not a big deal. Supporters of Haleigh and Scottie think Tyler should be disqualified and Haleigh should be given the HoH win.

However, fans need to realize it’s the Butterfly Effect. Tyler dropping out would have changed the event, you can’t simply say HoH comp minus Tyler equals a win for Haleigh. But no doubt, the controversy will linger especially since Scottie Salton is on the block and seems a lock for this week’s eviction. Looks like his return didn’t last.

What happens next with the Big Brother HoH?

According to an inside source associated with Big Brother, production knows about the fiasco. But by the time there was enough noise for CBS Big Brother producers to realize there was controversy, it was too late. The Power of Veto comp was done, Kaycee won, and they would have to unravel almost a week of BB20 gameplay to undo Tyler’s win.

It’s like in major leagues when sometimes the umpires miss a foot leaving a bag. It happens. However, Big Brother has taken away HoH wins before. But that was always seconds after a competition ended and another houseguest pointed out a broken rule. It wasn’t days after the fact.

Perhaps if Scottie or Hayleigh had been more on the ball, they would have noticed the infraction. Production would have surely told Tyler he was disqualified and pulled him from the comp. Much like sports, you can go through game footage frame-by-frame and find unobserved violations.

But don’t count on the outcome changing just because you’ve found an infraction. For better or worse, the winner had been declared and will most likely stay in place. As of Wednesday, Big Brother didn’t address the controversy on the regular episode and will probably stay silent on it.

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