‘Big Brother Spoilers’ Tyler Production Leak – Diary Room Feed Reveals Nominations [VIDEO]

Big Brother spoilers on Tyler Crispen‘s HoH nominees came straight from a production audio leak at CBS. On the Live Feeds, an audio leak cropped up while Tyler was in the Diary Room. Production asked about his nominees and Tyler told them clearly who was going on the block. The camera feed was aimed at the DR door (see video below) and that’s when Tyler spills the beans. Guess who’s going on the block?

Tyler Crispen Big Brother Diary Room Audio Leak

The DR leak came late last night after Faysal Shafaat’s live eviction, the Battle Back, and Scottie Salton’s triumphant return to the house. The HGs were shuffled back out to the same arena as the Battle Back to play the HoH comp. It was the vomitous spinning and hanging on for dear life comp. Tyler Crispen took the win and that means Level 6 is safe again this week.


Tyler went to the Diary Room for an HoH session and this is what leaked when someone behind the scenes flipped the wrong switch:

Production: “Hey I need to ask you. Do you know who your nominations are right now?”

Tyler Crispen: “Probably Haleigh and Scottie.”

Production: “All right. I’m sure we’ll talk more about that.”

Tyler Crispen: “Yeah.”

That’s when production realized they screwed up and cut the feeds. Fortunately for Tyler, if he wants to keep his noms secret until the ceremony, the audio didn’t play where the Big Brother houseguests could hear. That was a mistake that played out solely for live feed watchers.

Big Brother 20 live feeders already know that Tyler set his sights on Haleigh and Scottie Salton with Haleigh the one he’d like to see evicted under his HoH this week. Scottie might actually survive! Then again, the live feeds are moving and another target may be in sight.

Haleigh Broucher Injured During BB20 HoH Comp

Last night during the Big Brother 20 Head of Household competition, it was the spinner comp. JC Mounduix was the first to fall and Kaycee Clark vomited twice. The comp ran just over an hour and Haleigh Broucher fell in second place leaving the victory to Tyler Crispen. But it’s how she fell that had production concerned last night, reports BB20 leak goddess Real Vegas.

You can see from the video above, Haleigh was playing hard and went down hard. Sam Bledsoe ran over to help her immediately. Tyler Crispen told Haleigh, “You did so good” to which she glumly replied, “You did better.”

Haleigh was later checked out by a nurse checking for concussion symptoms. She’s fine. Winning that HoH comp could have saved Haleigh’s game in a post-Fessy BB20 house. But there’s always the veto comp!

JC Losing His Mind – and Control of the Game

Other items of interest this week, seen only by live feeders, is JC Mounduix’s riveting unraveling. JC’s been crowing for weeks about puppet mastering Faysal Shafaat. With Fessy gone, JC needs a new target to control. Last night on the feeds, he pushed Tyler Crispen to target Scottie, but Tyler is not one to be puppeted.

In fact, JC Mounduix might find himself on the block this week. Production called JC in to chastise him for touching Tyler while he slept. JC stroked Tyler’s body while he slept including his leg and then kissed his armpit. But that’s not all he did! JC also opened the toilet stall door while Haleigh was on the can. She screamed for production to help.

Should Big Brother Evict JC Mounduix?

Incredibly, JC’s still in the Big Brother 20 house, no doubt due to his victims’ reluctance to “press charges.” Both Tyler and Haleigh were called into the DR and asked if they felt threatened, as EW reported. Tyler or Haleigh couldn’t have liked what was done, but played it cool.

JC put Haleigh on display while on the toilet knowing there are cameras all around to catch her at her most vulnerable. And vulnerable was what Tyler was while sleeping and JC touched him without consent. Tyler wouldn’t even have to backdoor JC since he’s not a comp winner. In the wee hours of this morning, Angela Rummans said JC causes problems. If Tyler’s sweetie wants JC out, it could happen.

Scottie Salton Rats Out JC’s Scheme

Now today, the latest live feeds show that Tyler might seriously be considering getting JC out of the Big Brother house. After the late-night non-consensual groping, Tyler might already have wanted him out. Today, Scottie Salton was spilling tea to Tyler and told him JC spent a long time with Haleigh and Faysal just before they put Tyler on the chopping block.

The Big Brother spoilers audio leak indicates Tyler is likely to put up Haleigh and Scottie, but he might sub in JC for Scottie or backdoor him if one of the two pull themselves off the block with the PoV. We’ll see what happens when nominations come out later.

Fessy is in the BB20 jury house with no idea trolls are trashing his app business while JC runs amok terrorizing the HGs. Looks like another great week ahead. Check back to Soap Dirt often for the latest Big Brother spoilers and news.