‘Big Brother’ Kaycee Speaks on ‘Raycee’ Rachel Kiss – Who Smooched Who – And The Celeb That DM’d Her

Big Brother is the gift that keeps giving with Kaycee Clark. She jumped on a podcast and came clean about the Rachel Swindler smoochfest. Kaycee confirmed who kissed whom, what it means, and whether there’s any hope for a Raycee romance. There’s a link to the full podcast below which is an excellent listen because the BB20 winner unpacks her thoughts on the season, her F2 deal with Tyler Crispen, and her new life post-Big Brother. Kaycee also revealed which HUGE celebrity slid into her DMs to chat her up.

Big Brother – Raycee Romance Happening?

The Big Brother pals woke up to a huge firestorm after their kiss and were surprised at the uproar and the support. Kaycee confessed all on the Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast. You should know Kaitlyn from The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises. Kaitlyn was sure to quiz Kaycee on the kiss heard round the Twitterverse and Kaycee didn’t hold back.

Kaitlyn said, “You kissed Rachel” but Kaycee quickly clarified, “She kissed me!”

Also important was Kaycee said this was the first time she’s talked about it. Soap Dirt was first to report on their kiss and reached out to Kaycee for a comment, but got no reply.

She said that along with JC Mounduix they were “in West Hollywood just hanging out” and said they had a “couple of drinks”. She said, “Rachel’s my friend and we ended up kissing.”

Kaycee Clark Says Rachel Kissed Her – Full Makeout Sesh

Kaycee Clark spilled more Big Brother tea on the kiss. The host asked if it was a “makeout or a peck” and Kaycee confirmed it was a makeout scene. She said that after the kiss, they woke up in the morning and saw “there’s like emails and articles”.

Kaycee and Rachel were reportedly shell-shocked that the club kiss got all that attention. Plus, there was an obvious culprit. Kaycee told the host that she said, “Oh my God, JC what did you just do?” because he posted and their world exploded.

She confirmed that JC recorded it on his Insta-story and it was getting a lot of views. So, Kaycee said she told him, “Delete that – people are gonna start running with it”. But it was too late as the video spread like wildfire. Kaycee said she knew people were calling them Raycee. Kaitlyn says “oh that’s cute”.

Kaycee and Rachel Swindler Surprised by Support

She also told Kaitlyn that “people were loving it” and said she and Rachel talked about what to do. “We were kind of saying maybe we should just run with it”. She said people started #Raycee trending on Twitter and they talked about whether to respond. She said they decided not to respond and to leave it and “have people think whatever they want to think”.

But on the podcast, Kaycee Clark did speak and she said of the kiss, “It was like low-key I’m into it but we’re friends, nothing more.” But BB20 fans are still holding out hope for Raycee. Plus, you never know. Friendship blossomed into romance for other Big Brother alumns like recently engaged Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel from BB18.

Kaycee went on to say that she’s got good relationships with most of the people from the season. So for now, it seems that a Raycee romance is not happening, although fans were ready to embrace it. It also sounds like everyone has the hots for Kaycee. Kaitlyn said she saw the attraction and mentioned that Big Brother alum Elena Davies admitted to a crush on Kaycee too.

Guess Which Celeb Slid Into Kaycee’s DMs?

Another tidbit that Kaycee shared on the podcast was that a certain mega-celebrity is a big fan of Big Brother and was DMing her. Guess who it was? None other than Rihanna! Kaycee Clark said she and Rihanna were following each other on social media then says the superstar singer sent her a DM.

Kaycee said, “Rihanna messaged me. She loves the show and has been watching the last few years” and said that Rihanna told her “she’s hooked” on Big Brother. She also said the pop star is “awesome and so cool”. There’s a lot more to the interview and these are just a few tidbits, so you should check out the Off the Vine podcast. Kaycee had a lot to say.

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