‘Big Brother’: Kaycee and Rachel Romance – Lady Love Blossoms in LA for BB20 Alums

Big Brother news reveals a post-BB romance between Kaycee Clark and Rachel Swindler. Since BB20 ended, a bunch of the cast has been hanging out in LA. Last night, Kaycee and Rachel were spotted kissing. The proof came from JC Mounduix who posted then deleted a video of the girls in a passionate clinch at a club. We’ve got some screen grabs for you below and the video too of this hot new pair.

Soap Dirt is the first to report this breaking news and will update soon. We reached out to Kaycee and Rachel for comment and are awaiting a response.

Big Brother Kaycee Clark & Rachel Swindler

According to Rachel Swindler’s Instagram timeline, she hit LA this weekend and made a beeline to meet Kaycee Clark and JC Mounduix. Before Rachel’s arrival, Kaycee and JC were hanging out with newly-engaged Elena Davies and Mark Jansen from BB19. They hit up West Hollywood hot spots and the Hollywood walk of fame with the pair. Rachel then met up with them at Universal Studios. See video below of all of them at the theme park.

Elena joked about having a crush on Kaycee and she and Mark posted on social media kidding that the three would be a “throuple” (three-way couple). But once Rachel Swindler got to LA, the dynamic shifted. Kaycee, JC, Mark, and Elena went to Universal Studios Hollywood and pics show Rachel Swindler and Big Brother 20 runner-up Tyler Crispen met them.

Big Brother: Elena Davies - Kaycee Clark - Mark Jansen

A Wild Night in WeHo for Rachel and Kaycee

On Sunday, it was Big Brother showmance Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s wedding day and Kaycee, Rachel, and JC posted an Insta-story message wishing them the best. With Elena and Mark off to their BFF’s wedding, that left the threesome at loose ends. They hit up some gay bars in WeHo for drag queen bingo, dancing, and drinking. It was there that we caught a glimpse of Rachel and Kaycee’s possible new romance.

In the IG post below of her with Kaycee and JC, Rachel asked, “Could we be more perfect?” and added that her heart is full. JC is in the pic, but might not have been on her mind… It could have been Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark filling her heart and JC was just a little side dish that made it into the post.

It was while JC, Angela, and Kaycee were out clubbing that the first public hint of a romance between the women revealed. JC posted a video of Rachel sitting on Kaycee’s lap and the two kissing passionately. Of course, this could just be a drunken club makeout sesh. Or it could be the real deal. After all, Big Brother is known for spawning serious romances.


Rachel & Kaycee – Big Brother’s First Gay Couple?

All the Big Brother alums are crashing at the same pad in LA. The video above shows Kaycee, JC, Elena, and Mark were staying at a condo. Rachel Swindler met them and is also staying with them because in the video above, you can see them all waiting on Rachel to finish doing her hair. They call her “princess” and introduce her cute dog.

In the video above, JC says “Kaycee is waiting for Rachel”. That was interesting wording. That video was taken before the night the ladies were spotted making out while partying. If his words are any indication, Kaycee and Rachel might have already been romancing. Otherwise, why not say that all of them are waiting on Rachel? If Rachel and Kaycee Clark are together, it would be a history-making Big Brother pairing!

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See the Steamy Rachel & Kaycee Makeout Pics

Big Brother fans should check out the slideshow above. It shows lots of pics of Rachel Swindler and Kaycee Clark – with JC in the mix – during their LA weekend. But pay close attention to the screenshots in the slideshow below from JC’s video. He posted the video at the club of them kissing on his Insta-story then took it down quickly. But someone grabbed it. As long as the tweet stays live, you can watch the video below.

The video shows Rachel sitting in Kaycee’s lap and the two are kissing with their arms around each other. They have their arms tightly wrapped around each other. This could be the start of a beautiful romance – or just a club hook-up. We’ll keep you posted, but one thing is for sure. They look happy and gorgeous together. The two rocked matching buns at their theme park outing and seem very happy. Was this just a one-off hot kiss between gal pals or the sign of another Big Brother romance?

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