Big Brother News: Elena Davies and Mark Jansen Engaged – [VIDEO] Another BB Wedding Ahead

Big Brother news reveals Elena Davies and Mark Jansen are engaged. Mark either put a ring on it or the hilarious duo is punking the press. However, it looks like the real deal. Don’t expect a formal announcement for a few days.

They wouldn’t want to steal the spotlight from Big Brother best pals Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s wedding. Elena and Mark Jansen could be the next BB showmance to head down the aisle. Here is the info on their engagement, how the news leaked, and what to expect next.

Big Brother: Elena Davies & Mark Jansen Next Down the Aisle?

Big Brother has made more successful love matches than The Bachelor or Bachelorette franchises. There’s a long list of BB couples married and making babies. With Jessica Graf pregnant and marrying Cody Nickson this weekend, they’re another BB happily ever after story. Plus, during Big Brother 20, Victor Arroyo proposed to Nicole Franzel. And now it seems Elena and Mark, aka Marlena, could be the next CBS reality show pair getting married.

Elena Davies was on hand at Jessica Graf’s pre-wedding party on Friday night and had a ring on a certain finger. That could be just an interesting accessory. However, it’s Jessica Graf’s comment on the ring that has people buzzing. Jessica wrote on Elena’s post, “I love you too and congratulations on you[r] engagement! Love you both”. That’s one piece of evidence that Mark and Elena are engaged. But that’s not the only indicator this Big Brother pair are getting hitched.

Big Brother: Jessica Graf - Elena Davies

Mark Jansen Hinted at Engagement

Was Jessica teasing fans or is that a legit engagement announcement? Elena Davies and Mark were hot and cold during BB19 but heated up fast once the show was done. They moved in together in Texas and often hang out with Jessica and Cody. Aside from Jessica’s comment congratulating them, Mark Jansen also joined in with clues about their engagement. He pushed out an Instagram video this weekend that pretty much confirmed he was popping the question.

Big Brother: Mark Jansen - Elena Davies engaged

He posted an Insta-story and said, “Tattoos and rings – what an exciting night for somebody”. On Elena’s Insta-story, you can see she got a Harry Potter tattoo honoring the Deathly Hallows. Mark’s video said there was a tattoo. If his hinting holds, the ring is on Elena’s finger by now. Between Jessica Graf’s comment on Elena and Mark’s videos, it sure seems like the engagement news is a done deal. So, what’s next for Mark and Elena Davies?

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What a freaking night!!!

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Mark & Elena’s Post-Engagement Plans

After Cody put a ring on it, he and Jessica ran off to Disneyland to celebrate. That’s the token response when asked what’s next – we’re going to Disneyland! However, Mark and Elena had other plans in mind. First, it looks like they spent Friday night getting drunk with Kaycee Clark and JC Mounduix. They went for a stroll at the Hollywood walk of fame and boozed up at a gay bar.

Judging from the pics below, it seems JC and Kaycee were crashing with Mark and Elena. Kaycee put up an Insta-story asking for a theme park ticket hook-up then Elena Davies walked in the room in a towel (pic below). Then, they spent the day after their engagement at Universal Studios Hollywood with their Big Brother pals.

Elena Confirms Engagement in Universal Studios video

See the video below? It was shot by Rachel Swindler of Mark, Elena, and JC at Universal Studios. Skip to the 9:19 mark to hear Elena as much as confirms they’re engaged. She says, “We have a big announcement that involves my relationship. We’re really excited to share with everyone when the time is right, so stay tuned!”

Elena and Mark Jansen spent Saturday hanging with Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark, JC Monduix, and Rachel Swindler. Later, BB20 runner-up Tyler Crispen joined them at Universal Studios Hollywood. His Big Brother showmance sweetie Angela Rummans was not seen in pics from the park. Check out some pics from their fun day out in LA below. There’s lots more on Instagram, but we’ve got the highlights below for you to browse.

Notice the pics of JC with a minion. If you want a giggle, Google JC’s name and minion and see what videos you find.

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Mark Jansen Engaged to Elena Davies?

Elena and Mark were hanging out with Big Brother winner Kaycee and 3rd-place JC all weekend long, judging from their Instagram timelines. Elena was also on-hand at Jessica Graf’s all-ladies pre-wedding event on Friday night. The pic of Jessica with Elena Davies that prompted the engagement talk was at her party. If it was just that comment, it’d be easy to dismiss.

But since Mark Jansen pretty much spilled he was going to put a ring on it, it looks like this is happening. Mark and Elena haven’t publicly announced or confirmed their engagement. But it’s doubtful they would. That would steal the thunder of Jessica and Cody’s wedding weekend. Mark’s video and Jessica’s comment seem to confirm the engagement but we’ll wait to see what they say next week.

Congratulations to Mark Jansen and Elena Davies on another Big Brother wedding ahead. Check back with Soap Dirt often for more Big Brother news and spoilers.