‘Big Brother 19’: Elena Davies Says Mark Jansen ‘Still Pursuing’ Her

Big Brother star Elena Davies updated fans on what’s going on with Mark Jansen in a recent podcast interview. When the couple split in back in the beginning of 2019, Elena was very much still in love with Mark. Then, he went on to star on MTV’s Ex on the Beach where Elena made an appearance.

But according to Elena Davies, they got back together briefly and hooked up before his time on Ex on the Beach. Now, Elena says that Mark’s still possibly pursuing a relationship with her. Will they be able to mend fences and make their relationship work?

Big Brother: Elena Davies Reveals She & Mark Hooked Up After Split

Elena Davies guest-starred on the podcast Caroline’s Obsessions hosted by Caroline Kraddick and Nicole Veale. There, she spilled all of the unheard details on her relationship with Big Brother showmance Mark Jansen and where they are right now. Apparently, the two reunited briefly before their stint on Ex on The Beach. 

Elena admitted she and Mark “got back together in a non-committed way” before filming started. The Big Brother 19 alum described their relationship as a “rollercoaster” and a “fast pass to Disney World”. And as for their run on MTV’s Ex show, she had one word to describe the experience: “terrible”.

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Is the Big Brother Showmance Couple Back Together?

When asked about the status of her and Mark Jansen’s relationship, Elena Davies could only say, “I don’t know”. Although she says Mark is, “still fully in my phone”, she doesn’t know where they stand because “we’re not communicating well”. Back when filming ended for the MTV show, Mark had producers “fly him to Dallas” to see her but Elena was hesitant to see him.

Since then, Elena said Mark is “pursuing” her and she seems game. Because, she’s heading to New York to visit her Big Brother 19 ex-love in about a week. She says she and Mark Jansen are “not in a relationship but kind of are”.

And that “every time things end, it’s because of him. According to her, it’s Mark that “makes that choice to walk away”. However, Elena Davies says she doesn’t “come crawling back”. Now, the two are in a “transitional place to see if there is anything salvageable”. She says it’s hard to let that relationship go because they shared so much.

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Elena & Mark Heading to Dr Phil?

In other Big Brother news, Elena Davies and Mark Jansen could very well be seen on another reality show soon – Dr Phil. Some of the other Ex on the Beach stars have gone on to visit everyone’s favorite television shrink. So, are Mark and Elena going to be the next?

Well, Elena didn’t seem opposed to the idea but stated that Dr Phil, “wouldn’t like me”. They even did some role play of how it would go if she appeared on the show. So, it seems like Mark Jansen and Elena Davie’s chapter is still being written. You can check out all the “bing bang bong bing bong” action from her sit-down with Caroline and Nicole.

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