‘Big Brother’: Mark Jansen and Elena Davies Back Together – Reunion Photo at Disney

Big Brother 19’s Mark Jansen and Elena Davies appear to be back together – as everyone suspected – despite them playing coy on social media. Soap Dirt has an exclusive account from an eye witness who ran into them at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando. They seemed to be having a BB reunion that included Josh Martinez, JC Mounduix, and Kaycee Clark. But our source tells us that Mark and his “ex” Elena seemed to be having fun together as a couple and were definitely loved up. So, despite the rocky reunion on Ex on the Beach, it looks like the duo may be solid once again.

Big Brother: Elena Davies & Mark Jansen Hit Up Orlando Theme Parks With BB Alums

Several former Big Brother stars took a quick vacation in Orlando, including JC Mounduix, Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark. It happened after many former BB players met up for a Hearts of Reality charity event. But what was most surprising was that Mark Jansen and blonde babe Elena Davies were both there, as well. This trip comes after their break up, and reunion on Ex on the Beach where the fate of their relationship was unknown.

Both Elena and Mark appeared in each other’s Instagram stories during the trip – but those videos are down now. This had fans wondering if the two were back on again. They weren’t avoiding one another and it seemed that everyone was having a great time. Plus, our eye witness assured us they were acting like a happy couple when he spotted them. Former Big Brother showmance Elena and Mark were together at both Universal Studios as well as Walt Disney World.

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Exclusive Eye Witness Account Says Mark & Elena Were Coupled Up and Happy

Soap Dirt obtained a quote from an eye-witness who met and talked with the group of Big Brother alums. They came across everyone at the Harry Potter section of Universal Studios this week. Which gave them some juicy details to share with us. There’s been so much he-said, she-said with this pair that the eyewitness account’s refreshing.

They told us about Elena Davies and muscled-up Mark Jansen. “They definitely were very close to each other and in good spirits. It was a little chaotic and very crowded since we were in the Harry Potter area, so didn’t have much time to chat too much, but got them to take a selfie with me”. So, it looks like Mark and former gal pal Elena might just in fact have re-kindled their romance according to someone watching up close and personal.

Big Brother: Josh Martinez Poses With Elena & Mark

Another sign than that Mark Jansen and BB showmance babe Elena are back together comes from BB19 winner Josh Martinez. Josh shared a photo of the three of them together on his Insta. In the picture, the pair stands awfully close, instead of posing on either side of Josh. Which would be weird if there were still any hard feelings.

However, if you scope Mark Jansen and also Elena Davies’ individual IG’s the only pics in the park are of them either solo or with Josh – not posing as a couple. But they’re known to play games with followers posting individual pics in the same obvious locale. So, do you think Elena Davies and Mark Jansen are back together?

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