‘Big Brother’: Mark and Elena Stay At The Same Hotel – Are They Back Together?

Big Brother exes Mark Jansen and Elena Davies both appear to be in Nashville this week. Plus, according to their Instagrams, they’re staying in the exact same hotel. The entire thing seems just a little too planned for it to have been a coincidence. It’s been a couple months since they split, but things might not be over for the two. So, are Mark and Elena getting back together?

Big Brother: Mark Jansen Broke Up With Elena Davies In February

Things appeared to be over for the Big Brother couple dubbed “Marlena” by the show’s fans. According to both Elena Davies and Mark Jansen, the two split up in February 2019 when Mark decided to break things off. While Mark looked to be moving on, Elena admitted that she was still in love with the fitness trainer from Buffalo.

Both told their stories on their own podcasts, something that caused some drama between the two former Big Brother players. Mark moved back to Buffalo and Elena remained in Texas. Several weeks after it was announced that Mark was cast on Ex on the Beach which practically screamed Marlena reunion.


Mark and Elena Both Vacationing In Nashville

Not only are Mark Jansen and his ex, Elena Davies, both in Nashville, they’re also staying in the same hotel. Both Big Brother alums posted photos and tagged the Russel Hotel through their social medias. Photos that another person had to have taken which means that they aren’t alone. If you think it’s all just a coincidence then think again!


Before that, the two were both staying at an Airbnb owned by the company 506 Lofts. There’s no denying that they both took the same exact picture and from a closer look appears to be the same room.

Big Brother: Elena Davies Basically Confirms They Are Back Together

Since neither have admitted to getting back together or even being on vacation with one another, its all just speculation. But Elena Davies actually replied to a Big Brother fan’s comment on Mark Jansen’s post. “I just unfollowed you,” the fan wrote after guessing that they two were back together again even spelling Elena’s name wrong.

Surprisingly it wasn’t Mark that replied to their comment, but Miss Texas herself. “Sad to see ya go, Moreen,” was Elena’s response, getting the fan’s name wrong but tagging the account. So, while they haven’t made any announcements yet, it’s almost certain that the two have gotten back together.

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