‘Big Brother’: Mark Jansen and Elena Davies Breakup – Is ‘Marlena’ Done?

Big Brother couple Elena Davies and Mark Jansen seem to have called it quits. The relationship looks to be over after nearly a year-and-a-half of being together. Mark and Elena met during BB19 where they became close and started dating after the finale.

Both parties appeared to be happy and posted plenty of proof of coupling on social media up until a couple of weeks ago. Then, Elena quoted a tweet implying the two had split. Meanwhile, BB19 fans are speculating that Mark left her to be with a man featured in an Instagram post. But does that seem likely?

Big Brother: Elena Davies Tweet Eludes To Mark Jansen Split

After a Big Brother fan tweeted a photo of Mark Jansen and Elena Davies spotted at a Kroger grocery store, the truth seemed to come out. In response to the person saying they would be lucky to see them at their local grocery store, the blond bombshell said it would be extremely “unlikely”.

Then she continued to say that instead, people could find her alone at her local bar. Another Twitter user asked her what happened. In fact, it was a celeb follower, Chrishell Stause Hartley (she stars as Jordan Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives) and is married to This is Us hunk Justin Hartley. Chrishell asked what was up and Elena responded with three broken heart emojis.

Mark Jansen Deleted Couple Photos From Timeline

On Instagram, Mark Jansen appears to have deleted all of the photos of him and Elena together. On the other hand, Elena Davies still has pictures of the two of them on her account. There has been no activity or communication between the two online.

Both BB alumni post frequently to their Instagram stories and neither has been spotted in the other’s videos. That would be strange if they were still together because they co-habitate in Texas. Also, both the Big Brother players unfollowed each other on social sites – a sure sign of a split in these digital days.

Big Brother Fans Speculate Mark Jansen Left Elena For a Man

Rumors of Mark Jansen breaking up with Elena Davies because he is gay are circling on the internet. Most likely due to the frequent appearances of one man in plenty of Mark’s photos. The mystery man’s name is Nicky LoCicero and the two appear to be close.

Although the claim that he left Elena for Nicky is a bit of a stretch, Mark did admit to being bisexual on the Big Brother live feeds – but he might have been joking. So, there is a possibility he could be something more than friends with this Nicky guy.

Elena Cozying up to James Huling?

While Mark Jansen is off doing his own thing, Elena Davies seems to have grown closer to James Huling. The two appeared at the same event in February and have been tweeting each other a lot recently. They both live in Texas and have plenty in common with their Big Brother backgrounds.

When one BB relationship dies, sometimes another one takes its place – like with Nicole Franzel and now-fiancee Victor Arroyo after she and Corey flamed out. Could James Huling and Elena Davies grow into something more? We will just have to wait and see. Whatever the case their friendship appears to be blossoming.

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