‘Big Brother’ Showmances: Top 5 Best BB Couples Ever

Big Brother, a top rated show on CBS, has showmances in almost every season. Fans think it’s the best part of the show. According to statistics about the popular reality show, only the first season did not have a showmance. From season 2 up to season 20, there has been at least one showmance in every season. Some seasons have had more than one; sometimes up to three. 

Our picks for Big Brother‘s best showmances

Many showmances ended when the cameras stop rolling.  Some of the showmances lasted long after the show ended.  Several of the former contestants are still in long-term relationships. Several of them are married, and some have started a family.


1.  Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd – BB Season 11

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are one of the most popular couples in Big Brother history. They met in 2009.  Jordan won that season, and Jeff won America’s Favorite Houseguest. The two returned for season 13 in 2011 as a couple. They got engaged on the show in 2014 during season 16. 

The power couple has been happily married since March 2016.  Their son, Lawson, was born in October that same year. They are expecting another child in September 2018.

2. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly – BB Season 12 and 13

Brenchel is another popular showmance consisting of Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly. They met in 2010 on Big Brother 12 Initially, a relationship seemed unlikelyHowever, one did develop. Both returned during season 13, and Rachel won the grand prize of $500,000.

The power couple also went on to compete on Season 20 of The Amazing Race.

They got married in September 2012 and their daughter Adora Borealis was born in April 2016.  Rachel is a busy new mom and a lifestyle blogger. Brendon loves being a new father. He is completing his Ph.D. in biomedical physics at UCLA.

Big Brother 12: Rachel Reilly - Brendon Villegas

3. Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato – BB Season 13

Daniele Donato appeared on the eighth season of Big Brother alongside her father, Evel Dick Donato.  She wasn’t in a showmance that season. When she returned in season 13, she met Dominic Briones. They did not hit it off initially.  Daniele later confessed that she really didn’t like him when they first met. However, their relationship began to grow.

Their showmance turned into an engagement in August 2012 at the St. Louis Zoo.  They tied the knot in January 2013 at the Newland House Museum in Huntington Beach, California 2013. The happily married couple doesn’t have children yet, but Dominic said they plan to start a family.

Big Brother 13: Daniele Donato - Dominic-Briones

4.  Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf – Season 19

The most talked about showmance on season 19 was the relationship between Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. They became attracted to each other on the very first day the met. They played the game well. Their downfall was that they separated themselves from the rest of the contestants. The other houseguests liked Jess. However, most of them did not get along with Cody. Even though Cody’s attitude ruined the game for both of them, he still won America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Cody and Jess competed and won the grand prize of $1 million on The Amazing Race during season 30. Jody became engaged on February 13, 2017. They are planning a fall wedding in 2018.

Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf - Cody Nickson

5. Mark Jansen and Elena Davies – BB Season 19

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies kept viewers guessing about their relationship on season 19. Elena kept her feeling hidden for a long time before letting on that she and Mark were in a showmance known as Marlena. After their season was over, they continued dating. They are not married, but they bought a house in Texas and are living together.

Big Brother 19: Mark Jansen - Elena Davies

Future Big Brother showmances

It is a little too soon to declare the best or worst showmance on BB20 since it’s not over. By the end of the summer, fans will know if the best showmance will make the list.
You can expect Swaggy C (Chris Williams) and Bayleigh Dayton to make the list.  They made their own showmance name, Swayleigh. It looks like Swaggy recently proposed to Bayleigh on Instagram with a virtual engagement ring.

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