Big Brother: Jessica Graf Pregnant – Instagram Confirms Cody Nickson Baby and Shotgun Wedding

ig Brother news from Jessica Graf confirms she and Cody Nickson is pregnant with their first child. Some action on Jessica’s Instagram account today has BB19 fans alight with curiosity. Jessica shared some photos of her and Cody at an event at his high school. He’s got his hand on her belly there.

Not only that, but on her recent Instagram story, Big Brother alumnus Jessica posted an image that read “Is she pregnant or just getting fat. That’s a secret I’ll never tell.” Then on Monday, the reality star coupled shared the news officially and showed off an ultrasound of the baby due in April 2019.

Big Brother Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Pregnant!

Big Brother supercouple Jessica and Cody document lots of their life together on their Living Jody YouTube channel. They’ve been sharing about their life together in Texas. Graf moved down there to be with Cody after accepting his proposal seven months ago when he was living with her in LA.

Since meeting on Big Brother and winning The Amazing Race, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have been carving out a new life together in the Lone Star State. Lots of their videos include Cody’s adorable daughter Paisley Nickson. Jessica seems ready to play loving stepmom to Paisley and she’s got a bundle of Nickson joy on the way too.

Lots of Baby Hints from Jessica and Cody Both

A recent photo showed ex-Big Brother housemates Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson enjoying game night at their house with Big Brother housemates and friends Elena Davis and Mark Jansen. The couples referred to themselves in the pic as the Nicksons and Davies, like they’re both old married couples. The four became fast friends on Big Brother 18.

We will likely see the BB19 couple at the Big Brother 20 finale this week since Cody shared a recent pic on set with Julie Chen Moonves. THey just made the baby announcement official so we should see more at the finale. For now, we can confirm there’s a little Nickson on the way!

Big Brother Jessica Graf pregnant

With a wedding date of October 14, 2018 confirmed on their YouTube channel, it looks like Jessica might need to let out her dress if she’s got a baby bump. There’s so much good news for the future Mr. and Mrs. Nickson. He’s nominated for a People’s Choice award for his appearance on The Amazing Race for “Competition Contestant of 2018.”

Congratulations to Jessica and Cody for their exciting baby news. That’s the fifth Big Brother baby on the way! The CBS reality show has a better track record of marriages and baby-making than any dating show franchise.

With just a few days left in BB20, read the latest on the HoH part 1 and 2 winners. Check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest Big Brother spoilers and news.