Five ‘Big Brother’ Women That Dominated the Game and Hold BB Records

Big Brother has had many women dominate the game including Janelle Pierzina, Danielle Reyes, Rachel Reilly, Jun Song and Daniele Donato. These rockstar women outperformed the men in physical, endurance and mental competitions.

The latest season of BB is fast approaching. So, with so many strong, independent females over the years on CBS’s Big Brother, it would be wrong not to recognize their individual talent and game. Because who runs the world? Girls!

Big Brother: Competition Beast Janelle Pierzina

Regarded as one of the greatest players in Big Brother, Janelle Pierzina has built a pretty long resume. First, she appeared on BB6, where she made it all the way to the Final 3. But, her time on the special All-Stars season is what really gave her the title. Janelle won a total of 9 competitions in only one season, which consisted of 4 HoH’s and 5 PoV’s. She still ended up with 3rd place. Again, she was brought on BB14 as a coach and then later as a player, but was evicted shortly after.

Not only that, but she was also the first ever houseguest to win the America’s Favorite Player award. Big Brother fans will remember Janelle Pierzina for her physical skill. But she also contributed to a lot of the drama occurring inside the house.

Janelle Pierzina holds the record (tied with Rachel Reilly and Paul Abrahamian) for the most Head of Household wins on Big Brother. She also holds the all time Big Brother record for the most times nominated.

Danielle Reyes: ‘Greatest Player to Never Win’

Danielle Reyes appeared on both Big Brother 3 and Big Brother All-Stars where much like Janelle Pierzina, she played a physical game. During Danielle’s first time around she formed a Final 2 with fellow houseguest Jason Guy. Which helped her all the way to the end. But she was beat out by another player due to a bitter jury that had seen her cocky diary room sessions.

Later, Danielle Reyes came back again for the All-Stars season where she was targeted immediately. Because people saw her as a huge threat. But she still managed to last until Week 7 when Will Kirby and Mike Boogie – better known as Chilltown – convinced the HoH to nominate her. Fans have even dubbed her as the “greatest player to not ever win.”

Rachel Reilly’s Comeback

Initially, Rachel Reilly was seen as nothing more than an annoying nuisance by most of the other Big Brother 12 houseguests. Except for her now-hubby Brendon Villegas, of course. The house decided she was a bigger threat of the two and got rid of her pretty quickly. It wasn’t until the next season where she really shined.

BB13 came with a duo theme, giving Rachel and Brendon another chance to redeem themselves. Brendon was evicted and Rachel was left alone in the house for the first time ever. Yet, Rachel did better when she wasn’t focused on Brendon.

The entire house turned against her and she was everyone’s number one target. Rachel Reilly had to turn into competition beast or go home. The season was barly half over and she won every single endurance comp that she competed in. This allowed her to be HoH when she needed at and also let her pull herself off the block when she wasn’t the Head of Household. Her winning streak made it impossible for the house to get her on the block for a vote. Rachel won Big Brother in a close 4-3 vote.

Rachel Reilly hold the record for the most HoH wins (along with Janelle and Paul), but Rachel also holds the record for the highest percentage of Head of Household wins. She won 50% of any HoH competition she was allowed to play in. This gives Rachel Reilly the crown as Head of Household Queen.

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Jun Song The Ultimate Floater

A technique that is frowned upon by fans but successful in some cases is floating. This is when one simply stays under the radar until the very end. Which is what Jun Song did during season 4 of Big Brother. Jun wasn’t very good at competitions, only winning one HoH and one PoV, but her cooking skills earned Jun Song favor with the house.

Jun Song also had secret alliances with ex-boyfriend Jee Choe, who was part of the X-Factor twist, and Alison Irwin. Her Final 2 with Alison worked out when the other woman won the final HoH and took her to the end with her. Where Jun Song won by a 6-1 vote.

Big Brother: Daniele Donato Came So Close

Partnered for her father ‘Evel Dick’ Donato as part of the Big Brother rivals twist for season 8, Daniele Donato is one to remember. Dani is another one of the ladies on this list that expressed a prowess for competitions, winning 2 HoH’s and 5 PoV’s.

Daniele Donato and her father, Evel Dick, made it to the Final 2, where he beat her by a 5 to 2 vote. Then she competed again on BB13 alongside her father and made it farther in the game than he did, ending up in 8th place.

Dani Donato holds the record for the most percentage of wins on Big Brother. Dani won 35% of the HoH and PoV competitions she played in.

Until recently Daniele Donato held the record for the most number of total comp wins on BB.

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