‘Big Brother’: Nicole Franzel and Rachel Reilly Twitter Fight Rehashes ‘Amazing Race’ Drama

Big Brother alums Nicole Franzel and Rachel Reilly had a little squabble on Twitter over the weekend. Although the two had their share of drama while starring on The Amazing Race, it seemed like it was behind them. But some shade Nicole threw caused Rachel to snap. Rachel’s sister and race partner Elissa Slater jumped in to defend her in the since-deleted stream of tweets. Do you think she overreacted?

Big Brother: Behind the Nicole Franzel & Rachel Reilly Drama

It’s obvious that Rachel Reilly and Nicole Franzel aren’t best friends right now. If you watched them on The Amazing Race, Nicole and fiance Victor Arroyo (Both from Big Brother 18) lashed out at Rachel and her sister Elissa Slater.

It all started when Rachel and Elissa were offered a partnership with some other teams. They were already partnered up Nicole and Victor and gave lip service to the new alliance. In Rachel’s confessional, she said she was loyal to Victor and Nicole. When Rachel got the word that Nicole and Victor were going to be targeted, she pulled them aside and told them what was going on. Victor went ballistic and confronted the other teams, blowing up Rachel’s game and his own. This split the teams apart, and apparently the rift has not healed.

Because Victor and Nicole had betrayed their trust, Rachel and her sister celebrated for the cameras when Nicole and Victor lost a leg of the race. According to Nicole and Victor, the sisters acted differently when they weren’t on camera.

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Nicole and Victor were given a second chance and had to continue competing against them, but definitely not working together anymore.

big brother: Rachel reilly

Nicole Throws Some Subtle Shade at Rachel

Not long after Big Brother 21 started, Rachel Reilly tweeted, “I guess all Nicole’s are the same”. Obviously, taking a shot at Nicole

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel

Franzel. Fast forward to September 9 when Nicole quoted a fan’s tweet comparing her to Nicole Anthony, highlighting the idea that Nicole Anthony could win it all. She said “I do remember someone once saying that all Nicole’s are the same”.

It seemed like an innocent joke until Rachel Reilly fired back at Nicole. Rachel told Nicole to use her phone number if she had something, “non-passive aggressive” to say about her. She also called Nicole a “victim” while implying she’s a “women-hating back-stabber”.

Big Brother: Rachel Reilly - Elissa Slater

Big Brother: Rachel’s Sister Elissa Defends Her – Then Deletes The Tweets

It’s not a true Rachel Reilly Twitter fight until her sister Elissa Slater gets involved. The two are very close and this instance was no different. Elissa jumped in to add that Nicole Franzel was taking shots at her sister because she’s “desperate for attention”. Nicole didn’t give them the satisfaction of a public reply.

So, Rachel continued on by bringing up the fact that she’s a working mom, which doesn’t really have anything to do with the situation. She told her to, “use my name” and referred to her as “washed up”. Then, both sisters deleted all of the related tweets, while Nicole’s original one remained.

There’s obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes, that fans don’t know about, because it’s not on camera. But, do you think the drama was a little unnecessary?

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