‘Big Brother’: Natalie Negrotti Calls Out ‘BB18’ Winner Nicole Franzel For Underwear Scandal

Big Brother alum Natalie Negrotti has some unresolved beef with BB18 winner Nicole Franzel. Season 21’s Hide-and-Go Veto competition caused Natalie to rehash an old issue she had with Nicole. Natalie still holds a grudge over the same competition back when they were playing the game. Nicole had disturbed some of Natalie’s clean underwear while searching for the veto. They ended up getting tossed into the mess and Natalie wasn’t happy about it. But why is she still salty?

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel Ruins Natalie Negrotti’s New Underwear

The drama happened because of the traditional trashing of the Big Brother house during the Hide-and-Go Veto. Natalie Negrotti didn’t participate in the competition, but Nicole Franzel did. Nat’s ex-boyfriend James Huling played in it as well. So, while James was throwing eggs on the kitchen floor, Nicole was busy rooting through duffle bags for a veto card. She was right about where one would be, yet did a little bit more than just pull out a small name card.

Instead, Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel dumped all of the duffle bags contents onto the floor even after she found what she was looking for. One of those duffles belonged to Natalie, who lost several pairs of underwear during Nicole’s rampage. According to Natalie, the undergarments were clean and ended up scattered across the dirty floors. It was something she was upset about for the rest of her time in the game. Apparently, she’s still a little mad about it.

Natalie Negrotti Still Salty About Nicole Franzel’s Actions

It appears that Natalie Negrotti has unresolved feelings about Nicole Franzel dumping out some of her underwear. Because Natalie tweeted last night reminding her followers about the incident where her underwear was thrown, “all over the dirty Big Brother floors.”

She also took a shot at Nicole for not supporting other women by stating, “Wow, talk about women empowerment.” It makes us wonder if it’s just the underwear incident that Natalie is upset about. Was just the annual Big Brother Hide-and-Go Veto that brought it back up?

Big Brother: Michelle Meyer (Big Meech) Jumps In – Calls Nicole “Nasty”

Natalie Negrotti’s best friend in the house during BB18 was Michelle Meyer aka “Big Meech.” Michelle was also Nicole’s biggest enemy in the game and still seems to dislike her even today. She jumped onto the underwear tweet in order to add, “she nasty.” So it seems that Michelle still thinks Nicole is a snake. Also, she and Natalie are still friends and supporting one another. But will Nicole Franzel react to the jab or will she just ignore the hate?

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